New Yellow Rabbit Snails

  1. MrFishFood Member Member

    Local pet shop got these in a few weeks ago. I had not been in for awhile and apparently no one else was interested. Picked up 3 and plan to get the other 2 if they are still there. Never expected to see any local.

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  2. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    These are on my eventual buy list. They look so interesting!
  3. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  4. MrFishFood Member Member

    I did end up getting one more. Total of 4 now. The other one the store had was sold or died. The lady was not sure. They do have 6 more on order. Not sure of the condition of the snails that can be purchased online, but these run $6.00 each. The online prices seem to be about $10 each plus shipping.

    Some early observations:

    1. I have the snails in a tank with sand substrate. The store had them in a tank with small gravel. The snails seem to land on there back when placed in the tank. I had been turning them over by hand to help them. However, the snails have an interesting way to right themselves. They first start to try to grab onto the surface of the sand. This does not work and the snail just pulls up a layer of sand with its foot. The snail will do the is several times. Once it realizes it cannot grab on, the snail extends it's body and buries its body into the sand and digs itself down. Once it does this, it will pull its shell over and pulls itself back out of the sand and moves about.

    2. These snails seem to get turned upside down often. This could be the snail getting use to being in sand.

    3. Still not sure why anyone thought they looked like a rabbit's head.

    Wish I had my camera when I put this one in the aquarium. Would have been a good video of the snail uprighting itself.

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  5. MrFishFood Member Member

  6. Delaneyw Well Known Member Member

    They're on sale at LiveAquaria for $9.99 but the shipping is too much.. From what I understand they won't overbreed the life out of a FW tank, just a few babies at a time and only if conditions are right. I think I might have to get one if they show up at a store near me.
  7. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Wow I wonder why they are so expensive? My LFS sells ALL snails ( except Assassins ) for $1.99 including the Rabbit ones ( for some reason they always have a tank full and not much interest )

    Maybe you can breed them and sell them for $5.00 a piece at that rate!
  8. Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Thats a really good price! Usually i see them around 4-6$
  9. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Junne, go buy a bunch of snails and mail them to me :p I really want yellow rabbit snails haha but again, they were super expensive online when I looked.
  10. MrFishFood Member Member

    From the online searches, the rabbit snail is not a common snail in the trade. There are a few places online that sell them for under $10 each (as low as $5), but one snail costs $15 to ship. Of course multiple snails make that cost go down per snail.

    The orange rabbit snail is $9 for the lowest cost in could fine. Searching suggest the Orange is the most rare of what is available.

    My guess is that local shops that find a steady source can buy them inexpensively and to turn them over fast, pricing them fairly low.

    The 4 snails I have appear to be wild caught due to the condition of the shells. Tank raised specimens should be in much better condition.

    Another reason I believe these cost more is that the snails only have 1 baby every month or so. This makes them slow to reproduce.

    The shop I got mine from is supposed to get another shipment in this coming week. This was mostly due to me asking if I could get a couple more. I hope they get a few in with better shells.

    I am hoping to get them to reproduce.

    On a side note, I opened the top of my aquarium last night and found one rabbit snail attached to the lid. Definitely have a cover on your aquarium with these.

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  11. MrFishFood Member Member

    Found a baby this morning. Looks to have a dark body with yellow stripes. Photo coming soon.

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  12. MrFishFood Member Member

    Finally a photo. Hope to get some better ones soon.

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