New Wild Baby Bunny

So, a few hours ago some random neighbors brought a cottontail baby over. It looked a little weak and frail. They said they found it all alone without a nest or other kits, and had been out there for a while. They had kept it for a few days and don't want to keep it anymore. From what I can tell it looks to be 2-3 weeks old. I have it in a tub with a towel and a hiding space right now. It has drank water, I fed it some KMR kitten milk and I don't have that much experience with bunnies. I didn't want to turn it to the wild again because I have no idea where the area it came from and it looked like it needed some help. We also have quite a few feral cats outside which worries me. I would love some advice. Is it ready to eat solids? Timothy hay? Thanks!
Eastern cottontails are native to where I live. We once had a nest in our backyard. Once they opened their eyes and their legs were big enough to support their weight, they were out and about on their own. I’d say once the bunny becomes attentive, if he can jump, he should be good on his own. As for the feral cats, there’s not really much you can do. Hypothetically, you could keep him for several months until he reaches mature size but that would be unfair to him
Best to release the baby, Momma usually has them weaned by about 3 weeks old. They generally do not do well in captivity. I raise domestic rabbits, 3-4 weeks old and they're always completely able to care for themselves.
Babies are extremely fragile and in some states, including mine, you are not allowed to have native wildlife without a permit. Wild rabbits are very different than domestic ones and you should contact a wildlife rehabilitator in your state immediately. They are certified professionals and will do everything to keep this cottontail alive.
Probably not complete or up-to-date but a good start...

One time I found a bird and I just called the nearest vet. Even though I knew they didn't take wildlife, I figured they got enough calls about wildlife that they knew who to contact. And they did.
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