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    Hello all :) I got another tank today. It's not not 55 gallon I was going to get, but this was was cheap with all the equipment so I grabbed it up while I had the chance. 55 gallon will be in a month or two. Anyways, the lady I got it from had it for close to a year and said none of the fish died while they had it. It was her son's and he wanted a dog instead. I didn't clean the gravel or the filter, I lightly wiped the inside. I would assume it was already cycled since she had it a year (not always the case I know) it had some algae in it. I added some water and siphoned what I could until it was clear. Algae isn't an issue for fish is it? Because knowing my luck, it will probably grow back. My real question is, how long will this new/used tank take to cycle? Will it be almost instant since she had it for awhile and I'm using the same gravel and filter? I'm going to do this right this time. Ordering my api master kit tonight and hopefully can add some beautiful fish soon. Step by step advice would be amazing :) thank you in advance!
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    If it didn't have water in it for any period of time it will not instant cycle. "Instant" cycling is when you bring over media from a cycled tank. (Media is what is in your filter, where the bacteria lives).

    If the filter was dried at all or exposed to direct sunlight it could of also killed off the Bacteria.
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    If it was dry for some time the bacteria will be dead.
  5. EmuhleeValued MemberMember

    they dumped the water out today. the filter was wet still

    i'm not trying that again D':
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    If they dumped the water today, then you're probably good to set it up and have it essentially insta cycle. But I would add stability and prime just in case.
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    i added prime and this jungle start zyme stuff
  8. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Since there are no fish in there you want to feed the bacteria that is hopefully in there so start adding ammonia.

    How long has it been since fish were in the tank?
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    im not sure. probably a really long time. i didn't ask her that. so how do i do that? add alot of flakes?
  10. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    I really hate to have to say this but If there have been no fish in there for a long time it is very possible that there is no live bacteria left. Which means you won't have an instant cycle. Bacteria needs to be fed with either fish waste or pure liquid ammonia. You can put fish food in there to build up the ammonia but that is a messy way to do it and a lot of guess work involved.

    It is better to use pure ammonia. That way you can measure the exact amount needed. Just be sure it is pure ammonia. You don't want anything in it like soap or fragrances. If it foams when you shake it up it isnt pure ammonia.

    edited to add: Click on the blue words and read up on the nitrogen cycle.
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    i wasn't really expecting to have an instant cycle. was just curious. thank you :)
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    I agree with mattgirl. It there was fish in it and the filter remained wet, and the transfer was less than a few hours, you could have an instant cycle.

    If the tank was empty for awhile, the B.B. probably died.

    Makes me wonder why no fish?

    In this case I would wash everything in a 10% bleach solution and start over.

    That’s just me.
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    i guess they sold the fish or got rid of it, their son wanted a dog instead. guess this was too much work. i already filled the tank that bad?
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    I would at the very least replace the filter media. I don’t see it helping with the cycle too much, and just because none of her fish died doesn’t mean that the filter media can’t be harboring some sort of dormant parasite or disease. You just never know, and it’s always (IMO) in the best interest of the fish to make sure everything is sanitary. When buying a used tank I would always start from scratch.
  15. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    It would have saved you a bit of time and trouble if the tank had actually been up, running, healthy and already cycled but I know you are happy to have another new to you tank.

    Once cycled and ready for fish I know you are going to enjoy it.

    No that wasn't bad. Before you start cycling this tank if I were you I would give every thing a good cleaning and would replace the filter media. Since you are starting from the beginning it is best to start as clean as possible. Just remember, don't use any kind of soap for cleaning.
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    Thank you all for the help. I really appreciate it. I'll never fully be satisfied and always have questions haha. Glad I found this forum! Such knowledgeable people!