New Turtle Pond

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    Last year I had a thread about planning out a pond for my 2 red ear sliders. Well it is finally coming to fruition. I'm planning on it being about 6 ft long x 4ft wide x 3 ft deep, roughly 500 gallons. I just wanted some advice on the filtration system before beginning. I was planning on using a pump at the bottom of the pond that would feed into a diy vms filter for mechanical from there into a 55 gallon drum for biological leading into the waterfall. Saving money and electricity is a really big thing with this project but I would rather spend more upfront for a better system that won't cost too much to run.

    I was wondering what type of media I should put in the biological drum. I heard that a moving bed filter is good but wouldn't I need an air pump? Also Kaldnes is really expensive too. Or I could scrap that idea and go for a bakki shower? Any recommendations for a good energy efficient pump? I currently thinking about using either the alpine eco-twist 1500 or eco-sphere 1400, the specs say they both on 35 watts.

    Also, should I use a skimmer? My neighbor has a line of arborvitaes next to his fence which might shed a lot of needles into the pond so a skimmer would be really helpful but the problem is that I would need a second pump. Should I add one? If so could I diy one?

    Lastly, should I use a bottom drain instead of a pump? Would it be more effective at keeping debris and detritus off the bottom? It adds more cost but that's fine if it makes pond maintenance that much easier. Also how would I connect it to the filter system?

    I know it would be hard to save power, money, and time but my priorities would be
    1. Save electricity
    2. Save time on maintenance
    3. Save money on the upfront cost
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    Giving this a bump up for you
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    I've figured out the other questions but I need a good sealant for acrylic and HDPE. As part of a filter, I'm using acrylic sheets to make a sieve in a 55 gallon blue drum, which I believe is made of HDPE. What would be a good "glue" to hold the acrylic to the drum? I was thinking silicone but silicone doesn't stick to acrylic. And it needs to be pretty strong since it needs to hold the acrylic up. The plan is to make a box for the sieve that will be in the drum but elevated about a foot to place a pump under it.