New Torch Coral

  1. fishman705 Member Member

  2. Harrison Member Member

    How long have u had your tank before you put this in ?
  3. fishman705 Member Member

    Going on 3 weeks i'd say
  4. Harrison Member Member

    really? and how longs it been in now...
  5. fishman705 Member Member

    well i just received it yesterday but i acclimated it well
  6. Harrison Member Member

    let me know on the progress off it as ive been told u are ment to wait a year before any anemone goes into your tank
  7. fishman705 Member Member

    Well from what i understand this is a soft coral not an anemone but its very similar otherwise i would of never got it I would have to wait at least 6 months before i could add any anemones.
  8. Harrison Member Member

    right i get you, you'd think its an anemone, did u not quarantine tank it 1st?
  9. fishman705 Member Member

    Well for some people that would probably be the ideal thing to do but I don't have a quarantine tank so I at least make sure to check my water parameters every other day instead of getting a 10 gallon to quarantine every single thing that I buy.
  10. Harrison Member Member

    dangerous man ive been informed from most advanced hobbiests to have quarantine tank!
  11. fishman705 Member Member

    well i will eventually get one but i need some time since i'm on a budget other than that i'm being careful.
  12. Harrison Member Member

    yeah what size tank is it and did u cycle with fish?
  13. fishman705 Member Member

    its a 30 gallon long and i only have 1 Ocellaris Clown w/some hermit crabs
  14. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Looks nice, I love mine!

    No worries I don't have a QT either. If I did I doubt I'd quarenten corals.

    My piece has been doing super well, super easy to keep fed and everything! I've heard they can sting so make sure you don't put them too close to any other corals.

    Also keep an eye out my clowns like to host in mine. I had to buy them an anenome
  15. fishman705 Member Member

    Thanks, I think it looks great to thats why I picked it and yea i read about these corals I'm putting it in an area where it wont disturb any others that i plan on getting.