New to the hobby, setting up 125 gallon freshwater

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    Hello, I started lurking this forum and reading the website when I got a 25 gallon tank a few months ago for free, and with the help here got it up and running with 5 Tiger Barbs, 5 Cherry Barbs and 5 Danio's. I was hooked on the hobby immediately, and loved watching my fish (Especially the Tigers, they are awesome.)

    I knew I wanted a bigger tank so i surfed craigslist every day, hoping to spot a 55 or so to upgrade so I could get a Rainbow shark or something like that. I spotted a 125 Gallon for $50(!!) and called as soon as I saw the post, and the guy also ended up selling me the stand for it, a Mareinland Tidepool 2 wet/dry (only missing return line but did have pump) a HOT Magnum 250 canister and a bunch of Reef chemicals and assorted food and stuff. I got the whole kit and kaboodle for $125. A very good deal if I say so myself. My wife was not as excited to see the 125 as I was, so it sat in my workshop while I decided what to do with it.

    Then, one morning I noticed my tank was about 3 inches low on water, so thinking it was weird to have such sudden evaporation, I noticed the water running down the stand and the wet floor :-\ Aww crap, I sprang a spontaneous leak. Beats me how, the tank hasn't moved since I got it. So I figured, I better pump the water to the125 and move the fish there while I reseal the 25. Then I REALLY screwed up. I dont know what I was thinking, but I got a bucket of tap water to transport the fish to the other tank, AND I didn't even remember to treat the water. By the time I caught the last fish out of the tank, I noticed the ones in the bucket were dead :( I know better than that too, I just wasn't thinking. I should have siphoned out of the tank to fill the bucket.
    Well I was able to save 2 Tiger Barbs and 3 Danio's, and they are doing fine in my 125 gallon, that is only filled 1/4 of the way. I have a Whisper filter box sitting in the tank for filtration and a couple of powerheads moving the water around, and they are doing fine for now.

    So that's my introduction, I do have a bunch of questions on setting up the wet/dry system, I need to get some media for the trays, and some kind of return line etc. I'd ask more but I'll save it for another thread, I'm tired of typing now anyway.

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    Welcome to FisshLore :)
    We're glad you joined. Sorry about your fish, that really stinks.

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    Welcome to Fishlore.
    Sorry about your fish, hope they're doing alright...
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    Welcome to Fishlore :) Don't feel bad about your fish. We all make mistakes and have done something similar at some point. Congrats on the 125 :) I can't wait to see pics once you get it set up.
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    hey there and welcome!!!!!! I did almost the same thing to my ADF...b4 I found this great place!!!!
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    my impatience is probably my worst trait, my wife would probably list a few others, anyhow seems like thats what happened got in a hurry made a mistake, your human....great find on the big tank fer 50 bones..
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    Hello hardeho and Welcome to Fish Lore! We're here anytime you need some help or have questions. Too, feel free to jump into other conversations anytime. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Welcome to Fishlore, Hardeho!

    Hope you enjoy your stay here :D
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
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    Well, disregard all that. #1, my 25 wasn't even leaking, It must have been a pump leak, because when I tested it for leaks, it help water just fine and didn't lose a drop for days. So now I have my 25 set back up with the surviving 2 TBs and 1 surviving Danio. Yesterday I added 5 cherry barbs and am just monitoring the situation. Luckily I was able to keep a lot of substrate and filter media with active bacteria through the whole process.
    I have "loaned" my 125 to a coworker that was having problems with his 75 gallon tank, and he offered to buy it for 300, which I am probobaly going to accept ($175 profit) since the 6 foot tank is too big for me anyway. I am prowling CL for a 55 gallon though.

    So would it be overstocking the tank to round out my TB school to 5, and my danio's to 5 as well? My filter is turning over the whole tank 5x per hour, so I think I have filtration covered. The 25 is very tall, so the danio's dont really hang out with the barbs anyway.
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    hi welcome to fishlore and i'm sorry to heard about your fish and i think you did not overstock, don't worry we have alot of expert here. and gald that you earn $175 from your 125g tank. with that money you can do alot of extra stuff good luck in your new hobby.