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    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum just wanted to say hi to everyone! I have a 20gal in my room and my dad and I share a 56 gal,29gal and a 60gal. Today is a beautiful day in Chicagoland area time to spend some money on some plants. I will post pics of the tanks later today for everyone!
  2. raptorsvt79

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    welcome to fishlore......enjoy the site, i know i have...and can't wait to see the pics or your tanks..
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    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Welcome :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your tanks.

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    bruch.charlie New Member Member

    i've been creepin for a while on the forum and I decided to join. theres so much good info on here! I had to signup!
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    :;banaman welcome!!! :;banaman
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
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    Nice to meet you, and welcome!
  8. Butterfly

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    Glad to have you!

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  9. Riverwolf

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    I was in Chicago years ago and got a kick out of riding the subway/trains. We don't have that around here.
  10. Dlondon95

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    Welcome to Fishlore! Hope you enjoy the site!
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    welcome to the forums! Cant wait to see the pics of your tanks.