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Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by deon junior, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. deon juniorValued MemberMember

    hi someone is giving me about 20 cherry shrimp for free but i dont know anything about them. ive heard they like java moss but how hard is java mos to care for and also how much do the shrimp add to the bio load of the tank

  2. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    Shrimp are lots of fun to own, I have ghosts and just acquired 20 RCS myself. Being new to them as well, I can't provide you with as much information as some of the more experienced members, but you are right that they like plants to cling to / hide within. I believe java moss is very easy to care for, not requiring high light or fertilizers, but I've never had any personally. They don't eat algae, so you will have to feed them 2-3 times per week. They eat algae wafers, shrimp pellets (in moderation, as they do contain trace amounts of copper, which is toxic to inverts); I'm guessing also frozen foods but I've yet to experiment with those. They contribute very little to the bioload.

    Enjoy your new shrimp! I'm sure someone with more RCS experience will be along to provide more advice.
  3. MJDutiWell Known MemberMember

    I just got a bunch myself and would like some input other than what I have researched. Plus you got them for free...jealous! The only concerns I have for you are, 1) what tank are you keeping these in? and 2) what's your filter situation? I only ask cause your stock, especially your convict, may enjoy your shrimp as a snack. As far as the filter, I have heard numerous stories of shrimplets getting sucked up into filter intakes. This can easily be resolved with some type of mesh or netting, or better yet, a sponge.

    Other than that I hear they are easy to care for. The one water parameter I always hear about are nitrates though. You didn't post your parameters, but as long as they're low you should be fine. Mine are growing really fast and don't stop exploring areas of the tank. I never see all of them though cause I have a ton of plants and they are molting like crazy! I would like to know what a good molting rate is though.

    I would definately add some plants to your tank for the shrimp. You can't mess up java moss or java ferns. These are extremely easy low-light plants and you can actually get very creative with java moss. You can make carpets for your substrate, attach sections to driftwood or rocks. Just FYI, the moss does collect a lot of debri from the tank, but if you can't rinse it, the shrimp will help to keep it clean. I have a new love for wisteria. My little guys love it cause it provides a ton of cover and can grow into a very good looking bushy type plant...also Very bright green.
  4. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

  5. ZeeZWell Known MemberMember

    The others have pretty much said what you need to know, lots of hiding places, food, low nitrates, no tankmates that would eat them, etc. Another tip I have for you is to slowly drip-acclimate them when you add them to the tank. Read this link, it has everything you need to know about acclimating them. It even has a video on how to drip-acclimate them.

    I drip-acclimate new shrimp for at least one hour if I can. When I do this, the shrimp get their color back almost immediately after losing their color from the stress of traveling.
  6. greenbeanetteValued MemberMember

    I'm drip-acclimating a group of cherries as we speak! :)
  7. LyndaBFishlore LegendMember

    The java moss is insanely easy to care for and, aside from providing the shrimp with shelter, also provides them with micro nutrients they can consume. I have my java moss strung on some branches high in the tank, right beneath the light and the shrimp seem to love that best. They don't like being in the water flow. They will absolutely feed off of your filter intake, so be sure to put a prefilter sponge over that so they don't get sucked up.

    Mine love algae wafers, cichlid flakes and frozen food. Now that I think about it, there's nothing they won't eat. ;)
  8. ZeeZWell Known MemberMember

    Right! If you ever kill someone, throw the remains in the RCS tank and the CSI will never be able to implicate you!

    I need to stop watching CSI Miami...
  9. deon juniorValued MemberMember

    cool thanks everyone!

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