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I just got some RCS and I have never had shrimp before. I will admit that I’ve made a lot of mistakes already, I’ve added too many at once (10+) and I didn’t drip acclimate them long enough. All my parameters seem fine except the GH and are as follows:

Temp: 76-78 (fluctuates between the two throughout the day)
pH: 7.5
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrite: 0 ppm
Nitrate: 5 ppm
dKH: 3
dGH: 14 (aw ****)
copper: 0

My shrimp were pretty active the first day I’ve added them but four days later and now a quarter of them sit in the corner of the tank not moving much. I just pulled a small one that died last night that was one of the ones in the corner. It was paler than the other ones but some of shrimp were pale-ish when I got them.

I did do a small 20% water change because I was a bit concerned with a small nitrate spike and I added it all back via airline tubing over the course of 5 hours.

I do think their behavior has been caused by the short acclimation time, but the high GH and water change has probably not helped them much. Hopefully most of them make it.

Does any one have suggestions on how to lower the GH to an appropriate level and/or help my shrimp be less stressed? Other advice would be appreciated.


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Your parameters look ok to me honestly. I wouldn't worry about the gH. Mine is barely lower than yours and my RCS have been doing fine for a few years.

If you're really inclined, at some point you can swap to RODI water, but it doesn't seem to me like you should need to. Now, if you decide to swap to a more sensitive shrimp type at some point, that may be a different situation

Adding 10 with how light they are on the bioload probably isn't a concern either. Not sure what happened during your acclimation process.

Is it a shrimp-only tank? It seems more to me like they might just be hanging out where they feel safe and getting used to the new environment.

Also, welcome to the forum!
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