New to quarantining


I'm thinking about my future tank plans for my 29 gallon. Right now I have 7 danios. I'm planning on adding a school of glowlight tetra, 3 honey gourami and maybe a small school if Corys (adding the fish slowly, a few at a time).
My questions are about a quarantine tank for my new fish. I'm thinking on getting a 10 gallon starter kit that comes with a filter, heater, and lid for quarantine. First of all, how do I cycle a quarantine tank? Would putting filter media from my 29 gallon be enough? Is it more stressful on the fish to move them to a new tank twice?
Any info would be great.

Thank you,


  1. Yes, adding filter media from an established tank will work fine.
  2. Yes, bringing fish home, putting them in a quarantine tank, and then later moving them to their permanent tank is likely more stressful than skipping the quarantine tank. It's a matter of balancing risks, between added stress on one hand and the possible danger of infecting your existing fish with disease or parasites on the other.
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