New to QT, one fish not doing well

  1. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    So I am new to QT tank. I brought my stepdaughters 4 GloFish (not goldfish) to add to her main tank with 4 another Glofish. We got them on Sunday. One of the fish is not doing well. I noticed white thing on the eyes, the fish keep staying on the bottom and seems to struggle to get to the top.. I'm not really sure what it is. 3 another is doing great, healthy. No foggy eyes or no signs on the skin.

    Should I weed it out and put in jar? It's acting very floppy
  2. ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    Yes, you should isolate the apparently ill fish at once.
    Just for future reference, the main task of a QT tank is to place seemly healthy fish that you have just purchased into it, and maintain them in quarantine to help eliminate the possibly of their passing on any disease to your main tank. Best of luck to you, rick

  3. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    Ok thank you

    So I just wait for it to die? :/
  4. mg13 Well Known Member Member

    lol, no, you first need to identify what it wrong with it, but sometimes it will die to soon, and you'll never know.

    you can also just take the fish back and exchange for a healthy one, they'll probably flush it though.

    little more info would be helpful to place a diagnosis. If you don't mind

    I'll ask some Qs, first.

    Is he/she bloated?
    second, you do know that Glofish are Genetically engineered? they are not real fish, which is why some of them have problems.
    Third, is he/ she eating?

  5. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    No, not bloated. Ate little when came home but now not interested in eating . The eyes are little weird they are not fogged but has something white on the edges of the eyes the pupils are black. Eyes Seems lit be little closer to each other than normal.
  6. mg13 Well Known Member Member

    a gene problem? popeye? any of the common sicknesses look possible?
  7. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    What is Popeye?

    Ok, I looked it up, I think it's possible it's a Popeye

  8. JennBoss6 Initiate Member

    The fish didn't make it by the morning :(