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Hi. Have some problems with my 2 planted tanks. Both have Valisneria it grows like its dwarf but it is not.

One has gravel and regular lighting (Fluval flex 18g w hood light). The other (20L) has sand and a Fluval Blue sky light. It also has some struggling Buce.

Anytime I try to use a liquid fertilizer I just seem to grow more algae? Also, I have bought root tabs, but I thought the natural tank debris would serve as nutrients?

Lost. :(

Ideally I would like less algae - especially the 20 L and more plant growth.

Any help greatly appreciated!


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Can you post some pictures? I sounds to me you might not have proper lighting for good plant growth, which means liquid ferts won't do them much good because they can't use them w/o proper lighting, so the nutrients are being used up by the algae.

If possible, can you give the finer details about the lights (PAR, kelvin, lumens etc)? Are the lights LED? I go by units of kelvin, something in the 5000-7000 range is good for plants but 6,500 is supposedly the sweet spot.

If the lights are the cheap LED ones that come with the tank then they're unlikely to be great for plants. you have two types of plants that require decent lighting. You may be better off switching to low light plants like java fern, crypts, and anubias. Vals and most stem plants really need that higher lighting to take off.

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