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  1. AnthonyHutchison

    AnthonyHutchison Valued Member Member

    I wanted to replace all the fake plants in my 20 gallon to real plants and I was wondering are there any plants that can live and grow in normal aquarium sand and not things such as fluorite
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah! Lots of them! With some you may need to add root tabs or dose liquid ferts for the water column feeders but all of my planted tanks have play sand as their substrate:)

    Let's see, what do I have in my tanks...Red Japanese Spatterdock, Amazon Swords, Aponogeton natans, Chain Swords, Narrow-leaf swords, etc. Then there are the ones that don't get planted in the substrate at all, like Anubias, Subwassertang, Java Fern and Java moss!
  3. OP

    AnthonyHutchison Valued Member Member

    Thank you! I'll check out my local fish store for some of those