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  1. Jessielee83New MemberMember

    Hey all. New here so still learning the ropes. Im new to neo shrimp and just picked up some blueberries. They are still on the small side so dont know when ill be able to tell gender but i am hoping to start a colony. My questuon is what are their sizes compared to ages and do they vreed true or what colors should i expect from them. Thanks in advance
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    Apparantly they don't go through a larval stage so the babies are miniatures of the adults. Size to age varies, but probably around 1 month or so is pretty common. They don't really breed true so you will have a fair amount of culls mixed in. I sell my culls to the fish store if they have enough color. They should all be blue to varying degrees tho.
  3. Jessielee83New MemberMember

    Ok cool. Ya i knew about them being fully formed which is diff than ghost shrimp. So i thought that was cool. I just have no idea about color genes or whatnot. I was hoping they would be blue of some sort but i always find mixed info saying there will be alot of wilds or whatever. I just thought the blues were amazing looking lol. I also like the jades. I like the wierd colors over the cherries. But was thinking of some of those as well.
  4. MrBryan723Well Known MemberMember

    You will get varying shades of blue with some wild as well. I like the other colors better than the reds as well. Wanting to get orange next. It is important to note you can't mix colors or you will have them resort back to their wild colors.
  5. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    Newly hatched shrimp will be about the size of a pin head head to tail. They are transparent so very hard to see. They will start getting their color after 1 or two molts, once they are as long as your pinky nail. If you keep them with fish, the young usually get eaten around this stage - they are small enough to fit in someone's mouth and are finally visible. As they age, females generally have deeper/more solid color than males, but selective breeding can make the males just as colorful. There is only one 100% way to tell gender: females will either be berried (carrying eggs) or have a saddle (usually yellow, it appears above where all the legs join together). It can be hard to see the saddle in painted shrimp though. Also, females will usually have a larger/more round area to hold eggs.
    If you only have line-bred blue shrimp, then you will only get blue offspring. Over time, you may get clearish shrimp but with artificial selection you can keep the blue color. If you mix colors (lets say blue, yellow, and green) then you will end up with wild type (brown) shrimp after a few generations.
    Generally speaking, the red variant is the most hardy because it is the oldest color morph and has the largest gene pool from selective breeding, but the species in general is one of the most hardy shrimps.
  6. Jessielee83New MemberMember

    Hmm. I dont know if they are linebred or not. Still new to it all and i just liked the color lol and have read that the neos were the easiest for beginners. Right now they are in their own tank and just blue . At some point they may have some bn pleco roomates since i have a clutch of wigglers right now. I have plenty of tanks to keep everyone happy as of now. So the shrimp i have are not even an inch. Most prob half inch. What would age be about then and is it too small to breed?

    Yes all the blues are in one tank then in another i have 1 red and 1 orange with the bn pleco new hatch. I was looking into getting some more orange or poss yellow. Debating haha
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  7. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    As soon as you can differentiate the genders, they can breed. Usually once they reach an inch or so.
  8. Jessielee83New MemberMember

    Ok. That makes sence. How long does it usually take for them to grow. Are they fast growers or slow?
  9. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    This depends a lot on the tank; food, water quality, temperature, etc. I would consider them relatively fast, but it depends on what you are comparing with
  10. Jessielee83New MemberMember

    Thanks for whoever moved this thread to the proper place.

    Ok sounds good! I guess i will just hurry up and wait haha