New to me 150g

  1. WestTexasFishGuy Initiate Member

    So I really managed to pick up a 150 gallon tank stand and hood for 300 bucks. Trouble is I've got to go pick up everything else. Filtration system lights the works. Anyone have any experience with a tank this large they'd like to share? I've had several tanks in the past the largest was 55g. So this is for me uncharted waters so to speak. And help tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    I go to pick up the tank and stand tonight, a bit of a trip but it'll be worth it once I get it home cleaned and put in place while I wait for the Warden (aka the wife) to to issue my next bit of allowance for my filter. I'll have to get everything over time slowly but I'm super stoked about getting it up and going. Sorry for rambling lol thanks in advance.
  2. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't have any experience with large tanks like this but am supremely jealous. My local warden just ok'd me upgrading from a 36 to a 75...I'll have to wait quite a while before she will ok something of that magnitude. Looking forward to hearing about the progress and suggestions from others. I know Aquarist and hampalong keep large tanks.
  3. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Tank size is irrelevant, everything is the same, just scaled up... :)

    I would think about getting a suitable container that holds about 50 gallons or so to make water changes easier. I use a water butt. I have spare heaters in it, and a cheap pump. Before a water change I heat it up, then pump it into the tank/s with a long length of tubing. Then I refill it from the kitchen tap using the same tubing (it's in the kitchen). I also have a spare internal filter in it full of Polyfilter to remove any toxins...
  4. WestTexasFishGuy Initiate Member

    Hey yall thanks for the replies. I hadn't even thought of having to do the water changes yet.. that's going to be a chore considering where the tank is going to be located. But I think your suggestion about the 50 gallon container will probably be the way to go. And I got extremely luckyou with the warden. She said 300 was the limit on what I could spend on a tank and stand. Luckily for me I found this tank on Facebook about a month ago and they were asking 500. After a little bit of smooth talking I was able to talk them down to 300. I'm not upset about that at all. Would yall happen to have any ideas or preferred filters I should look into?
  5. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Well, you guys seem to like hob filters. You'll struggle to find one in the uk, as we prefer external canisters. Personally I would get at least two filters, with a total turnover of at least 4000 lph.
  6. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    Sump maybe? probably 40 gallon?

    Or maybe 2 Sunsun 404b canister filters? That's roughly 1100 gph
  7. WestTexasFishGuy Initiate Member

    I would much rather go with a canister type filter. And as far as sumps go I've no clue as to how it all would work. I'm trying to stay away from the hob type I've always ran them before and want to try a different route this time I think.
  8. WestTexasFishGuy Initiate Member

    How difficult is it to go with sand instead of a gravel bottom?
  9. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I prefer sand myself. It's not difficult to clean as instead of actually putting the gravel vac down into the sand you just kind of swirl it on top to pick up any loose waste or debris. the sand compacts and keeps the food and waste on top unlike grave where it all sinks down between the cracks. If you decide on bottom dwellers I would wholeheartedly recommend sand as opposed to gravel
  10. Lenn777 Initiate Member

    First congrats on negotiating with the warden. Mine let me get a 75 gallon a week ago. You might want to look at a canister filter for that size of a tank preferably two. The setup should be the same and you'll have more options regarding sticking your tank.