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Hey all!
I'm a returning into the fish-world person. About 8 years ago I got pretty into it and then somehow ended up losing my way I guess but I'm back and more excited than ever!
I currently have a betta in a 2 gallon bowl (Bad I know, I'm sorry, I lost my way! which is why I realized I need to get back into it) I just bought a 16 gallon tank that I'm excited to cycle and turn into a beautiful hopefully community tank with my betta and while my tank is cycling I want to do all the research I can to find some compatible fish and relearn everything I used to know and expand my knowledge even more. I would love to get into aquascaping but working on re/learning one thing at a time.
I'm 25 and married. We have a standard poodle named Forrest Gump who is just over a month and 2 rabbits named Unibunny and Bunita as well as our betta Pepperidge Farms
Excited to learn and fix the things I can!
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