New To Fishlore And In Need Ofhelp Identifying Platy Illness


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Hey, I am moderately knowledgeable about freshwater aquariums and aquascaping, but am always looking to learn more. I'm hoping this forum can teach me more about fish keeping, the hobby of it and how to keep my tanks at their prime. Right now I only own a 10 gal aquarium with Platies, ottos, baby swordtails and two momma swordtails. I'm hoping to set up a bigger tank about 25-30 gal as well for my swordtails since they will be getting too big for the tank. One of my favorite Platies is sick right now.
Sick fish template below:

10 gal
Switched fish to this tank about a month ago
Has a fluval aquaclear 5-20 filter
Does have a heater
24 C° & 74 F° temp.
Stocking :
3 otocinclus
3 Platies (1 male, 2 females)
2 female swordtails
4 5ish month old swordtail fry

Water changes once a week
30% water change
I use SeaChem Prime as a declorinator and apI stresscoat
I vacuum the substrate, not just changing water.

*Parameters - Very Important
I cycled my tank partially with fish in
Tested my water parameters earlier today (Aug. 25)

Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0
pH: 7.8
(So fully cycled)

I feed my fish twice a day, morning and night, as much as they can eat in 5 minutes. I use Omega one freshwater flakes. I haven't been feeding dried or frozen foods, I've been trying to feed them vegetables such as cucumbers and green zucchini, but they don't seem interested.

Illness & Symptoms
I've had my platy for about 7 or so months. She's been acting weird for about the last couple weeks, been acting shy and clamped tail fin, and recently she's been acting even worse. She's been just sitting at the bottom of the tank all day, all of her fins are clamped, her spine is curving downward from head to tail, she looks flattened or starved, but she does come up for feedings and eats. I'm going to look to see if she's been spitting up or not as well. I've added general cure and stress coat, going to add aquarium salt as well if need be. My platy, Peppermint, was fine at the time of purchase, healthy, happy, and young.

I really enjoy this fish, she's definitely not weak or inbred as I've been told as she was the only fish to survive an ich plague in one of my other tanks and she was perfectly healthy at time of purchase. It wouldn't be the same if she was gone and I'm hoping it's not too late to help her to recovery.



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It’s possible she has some kind of internal parasite, which will be depriving her of any nutrients from food. Go to your nearest pet store immediately and grab a worm/ internal parasite treatment. I don’t think it’s too late as long as you get rid of that parasite


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Yes it should do but if it doesn’t work speak to a professional at a pet store


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General cure is good for internal parasites, and if she is still eating it is best to medicate her food. I would quarantine her. It generally isn't a good idea to medicate healthy fish, so if she is the only who is sick, separate her. It can be as simple as a rubbermaid bin. If general cure doesn't work, you may have to use kanaplex for it could be bacterial, but a lot of times when little fish like this get to a point like that, they don't make it. Just in my experience it's hard to have them bounce back from that. No need for salt.

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