New To Cycling.

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    Like the title says im fairly new to the hobby. Still don't have the information. I used Fluval bio booster for building bacteria today. I also tested the water
    Day 1-
    pH 7.6
    Ammonia- 0ppm
    Nitrite- 0 ppm
    Nitrate- 0ppm
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  2. the guyValued MemberMember

    those boosters don't always provide bacteria but help bacteria cultures. You also need some form of bacteria added to the tank. Do you have any old filter water or anything? You could also try throwing in food but that will probably stink and I would never reccomend a fish-in cycle. Petco also sells live bacteria cultures as well
  3. Dantheman62445Valued MemberMember

    no unfortunately everything is new
  4. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    To start with you need to add a source of ammonia. The bacteria "eat" ammonia and without it they will never appear. You can use pure ammonia, fish food or a dead shrimp, etc. I used fish food for my cycle. Unless you add ammonia soon any bacteria you added will start to die.
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