New To Bettas: Need Advice


HI all.
I'm from Pakistan. I am hooked to bettas the moment I saw them.
We've got some bettas and its for the first time keeping them. Ive set them up in globes. Ive found three females (which is rare to find in Pakistan) and I have set them up with three males. One pair has bred and just laid eggs, the other two are building nests and I hope they will soon lay eggs too. The female of the pair which has laid is now hiding under plant roots and rocks while the male is guarding the nest. I am now confused on some points;
1. Should I leave the female in the tank or remove her?
2. What will happen when the fry hatch? Shall I leave the male with them for some time?
I am new at this so I may be bothering you guys with my questions.


Google breeding bettas, you will learn more from that than what I have to say. I might sound harsh, but you should of researched before decoding to breed bettas, or any species of fish.

Firstly after they breed you must remove the female or the male will kill her. Secondly I hope you have live fry food and larger tanks at the ready.

80 degree F is a good temp, sponge filter is necessary. At least a 10gal tank for each batch of fry as a grow put tank. One spawn can lead to a good 100-200+ fry that all need to be fed and found new homes when they mature.

I would separate the other pairs and focus om just the one that already has eggs. They will hatch and be free swimming within a week, at which point live foods must be fed, they will not eat prepared (non live) food. Micro worms and baby brine shrimp are two easily cultured foods.

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