New to Aquarium stuff, Melting Monte Carlo

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    Koi Betta New Member Member

    Hello experts, Im new to this hobby and I need some help. ive been scouring the internet about why my Monte Carlo is melting but the answer only pertain to the poster question. Here are some detail.

    Im doing a fishless cycle
    week 1
    water temp: 84F (speed up bacteria growth) just lowered to 80F this morning this happen.
    PH: 7.0
    AM: 2.0 and dropping
    No2: 0
    No3: 30

    Sunsun 303B
    20 gal. long
    substrate: gravel
    Light: Single bulb Corallife T8/17W 24'' 10,000K ( that's all they had at my LFS during the time)
    Light on/off: 12 pm to 8/9 pm
    Media: lava rock and polyester

    Dosing Product:
    Seachem Prime (water change)
    Seachem Flourish Potassium ( only put 1 cupful according to instruction as needed)
    Seachem Flourish Excel ( 1 cupful according to instruction)
    Seachem Stability ( 1 cupful according to instruction)
    No Co2 tanks (maybe buy one after save up money)

    Sorry for this mass of text but I feel bad cause I don't want to give up to early on this hobby plus the $ investment I just put in :/
    I hope my grass and moss don't melt ><

    Any advice will be greatly appreciative!!!

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    Koi Betta New Member Member

    sorry for the same picture post is learning curve for me
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    Koi Betta New Member Member