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Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by ky, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Hello the a-fish-cianado's. I'm having issues with my Danios.

    I got the aquarium from a freind, it houses a Pleko, a pair of Zebra Danios and three breed of Tetra (Neon, Rainbow, and Painted). One of my Danios is incredibly fat.

    She's also acting strangely agressive (she's never been agressive before) but she's nipping other fish and won't school with the male. She's not dropping eggs yet (how did this happen? I keep the tank below breeding temps?) but it's gotta happen soon. She looks like she's about to explode.

    So questions.

    Should I segregate her? I have a segregation tank.

    Should I segregate the both of them so the male will be onhand to fertilize the eggs?

    After she drops the eggs, do I remove her (if I do segregate)?

    Do the other fish in the habitiat pose a threat to either eggs or fry?

    I know the female Danios are notorious fry eaters, but I am not sure about the other breeds.

    Any help anyone can give me would be awesome. I apologise if this topic has been done to death, I preformed a search and didn't come up with exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks again.

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    She might actually not be pregnant just constipated(?)
    How big is the seperation tank? Does it have a filter, heater, is it cycled?
    you might want to feed her a bit of pea on a toothpick iin case she is, it will be good for her if she isn't, anyway...
    If you seperate her, it should be with the male I believe, and with a substrate like marbles or large smooth stones so the parents cannot eat the eggs (theyare notorious egg eaters)


    PS. welcome again ;)
  3. newbie101

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  4. OP

    kyNew MemberMember

    Hey thanks for the reply Emma. The seperation tank is a 2gal heated, filtered, lighted, with no gravel (it's usually used as a sick tank, for fish I think may be ill. The tank is sterilized and cycled after the  fish goes back into gen. pop.)

    I also have an in-tank fry catch.

    I don't think she's constipated, but it is quite possible. I'll try your remedy and see what happens.

    Thanks again!
  5. newbie101

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    ok wow you are really well prepared! sounds like you have put quite a bit of research into this.
    What do you feed your fish? How big is the main tank? Also how long have you had it, and how many tetras do you have, 1 of each kind or more? If you could do it without overstovking (depends on the tank size though) you might want to add another danio or 2 (or 3 if you can?) because they like to be in schools and can get aggressive if they aren't
    Sorry about all the questions lol
  6. OP

    kyNew MemberMember

    Hey again Emma :) I lurves questions :)

    The main tank is 30gal, with a Fluval filtration system, heat, light and live plants. all told I have

    Small albino pleco
    4 neon tetra
    3 rainbow tetra
    3 painted tetra
    3 flame tetra (I think they are also called Rainbow Tetra)
    a snail of some sort.
    and the two Danios. I never thought of maybe lonliness being the cause of her agression. I think a few more Danios shouldn't overstock the tank, it's fairly large. She ate some pea last night and seems to be voiding normally, she hasn't lost any of the fatness yet, though. I'll keep an eye on her.

    I'm new to being a fishkeeper, I haven't had an aquarium since I kept red eared turtles and feeder goldfish as a kid. This one was sort of inherited. It's been a learning experience that's for sure. I can't imagine now not having an aquarium, I'm working on a sea tank next.

    I'm going to segregate the pair of Danios that I have for now. They seem to handle stress fairly well and I should be able to get them into the "hospital" tank without them ever being in open air. If she does drop eggs, I can remove her afterwards. If it turns out to be constipation (which is still quite possible), I will be able to transfer them back to the main tank with minimal stress.

    Thanks again! It's great to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

  7. newbie101

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    yeah i should be able to add a few (2-3) mpre zebras. so what do you feed the fish?
  8. Jason

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    Looks like your all set. Good Luck and hope its babies! ;)
  9. OP

    kyNew MemberMember

    oh just Tetramin daily and a feed of blood worms every few days.

    She dropped a load of eggs last night and instantly started gobbling them up, so I removed her...shes tired and swimming slow today, but she seems okay. The male is still intank with the eggs (I can't be sure if he's done his part yet) and he doesn't seem to be eating any.

    I had to cycle a new tank over the weekend, my flame Tetra's are fat too. I still have no idea how everyone turned up preggers at once, I have always been very careful to keep the tank below optimal breeding temps. But oh well.., the more the merrier... :)

    Thanks for the help!

  10. newbie101

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    the "optimal breednig temps" are just for best "luck" breeding, they can still breed at lower temps, just they will breed better at the optimal ones.
    and with the food, i asked you that because if you fed them bloodworms every day or so, then she might be constipated because the bloodworms constipate them easily if fed too often. I think you're fine with what you're doing...