New title for 7k posts?


I just wanted to make a suggestion for a title you get once you arrive at 7,000 posts on Fishlore.

I chose 7k because it's in the middle of 4k and 10k. The jump between Fishlore VIP and Fishlore Legend is a lot. 7 is also considered a lucky number, lol. I was just thinking about it and it would be appreciated if the moderation team could take it into consideration.

IF you guys consider it, here are some possible names that I weirdly came up with;

- Dr. Fishlore
- Valued or Dedicated Fishlorian
- Fishlore Agent
- Fishlore Royalty

I'm open to any critiques, comments, or ideas.

Thank you. = )


No problem! I had forgotten about that thread myself until earlier when searching for something else.

It doesn't hurt to make a suggestion :)

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