New Tiger Barb Swimming Oddly

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    I have a new 29 gallon tank that's been with tiger barbs for 2 weeks now. I just added two more last night (making 4 in the tank.... I read it's best to add to a new tank slowly which I'm still learning about). One of the fish has been swimming vertically since I got it home. It's the weirdest thing. I tried turning the filter off thinking it's a weak swimmer but he still spends 90% of his time with his nose pointing down. He does swim normally and very fast at times then suddenly goes into a headstand and flies around like that. Did a sick fish? Should I be worried? In case it makes a difference the new tiger barbs are the glofish kind.
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    Swim bladder prob, pics would confirm

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    Not to Hijack thread, but OP hasnt replied.
    I have the same symptoms, spends 90% of his time with his nose pointing down, VERY Bloated. Pics attached. has been acting like this for around 4 days.

    65 gal tank, set up +10 months ago, ammonia & nitrite levels minimal if any, nitrate may be up to 15ish.

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    Not to hijack this thread, but I have 2 tiger barbs doing the same thing, here a picture..thanks 02cf289f2a2790d68b509e79fd1746c2.jpg

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    Nicely fulled females I'd say
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    Mine Passed away after 3rd time being like this