NEW TEN GALLON TANK! What fish should i get?


Ok I got a new ten gallon tank...already cycled and everything, I have rocks, heater, filter, decorations.
I just need the fish.
i'm thinking of about 5 livebearers, not sure which one's though.
I already have the dalmation mollies, so I would like to get a differnt type or maybe I should just stick with the one type?
because eventually when the molly dalmation fry get bigger I'll mix them and the new fish together so that it's not just one species in one tnak and another in the other tank.
So ya...any suggestions?


I think I will always have cories in every one of my tanks, they are such cute little guys, and so many different kinds!


It's really up to you to choose the type of fish, but I'd add guppies. Their magnificent color adds beauty to any tank.


hmm yeah.. Guppies are colorful and so active. I love them for their beautiful fins. But beware that they are prolific breeders. So you might have to plan for the fries too...

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