New Tanone Of Them Is A Big Bully Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Mollyfish, May 30, 2018.

  1. MollyfishNew MemberMember

    hi I’m being given a 40 litre (believe equates to 10 gallon)
    I intend putting in 4 black neon tetras in.
    The question is what’s the best and quickest to cycle the new tank as need to get the tetras out as 1 of them is a big bully my beta that I’ve had for 3 weeks now keeps hiding and doesn’t seem to be settling as early every time he comes out he gets chased by the bully considering betas are the aggressive fish think I’ve got one that so shy it’s unbelievable lol I know it’s not a water problem (level where up a little bit last week but all fine now) PH 7.6 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10-20 (water out tap for nitrate is 40).
    As don’t want either the tetra or beta to die from stress for latter or beta deciding to retaliate lol. The beta has came to me once and took food from the syringe (which I use to feed when giving frozen food)
    I would like to do a fishless cycle but not sure how much longer the beta will last if he keeps being chased as he get into the filter box now even though put a piece of filter sponge on top so he couldn’t get but still finding a way trouble is he seems to get stuck then he can’t get back out and not easy for me to get him out
    Thank you all think this site is the best.
  2. Rainy dayWell Known MemberMember

    The quickest way to cycle a tank would be to take some media from your cycled tank's filter and placing it into the new tank's filter. Do that, monitor your water quality and be prepared to perform water changes.

    Also, just so you know , a 10 gallon tank doesn't offer enough horizontal swimming space to keep black neons for life.
  3. MollyfishNew MemberMember

    Ok thank you but got to do something and ten gallon is better than losing one of them in future might be able to upgrade but money says when.
  4. DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    There is a huge misconception that bettas are aggressive. They really arent. Theyre usually only aggressive towards other bettas most of the time, and sometimes other fish that look similar to bettas. And not all betta species are aggressive with each other. Ive had many community tanks with bettas in them and the betta is usually the one getting bullied as its a slower fish, docile, fish.

    Like Rainy day said, a 10 gallon really isnt ideal for black neons as they do better in larger schools and more swimming room. If you HAVE to put them in a 10 plan on doing it for only a short period of time while you set up a larger tank and plan to add more friends. Petco often has 20 gallon tanks for 20 bucks and you could use the same filter on it. And speaking of filters, again, Rainy told you the right way to go about cycling it.

    If your fish are currently in less than ideal conditions and become stressed out, they can develop ich so keep your eyes on the situation.
  5. MollyfishNew MemberMember

    I did have 7 till the bully of the 7 decided he did not want them lol.
    And love to have a bigger tank but not got a petco in uk and cheapest around for bigger size I’d be looking at about £100 plus that would be used.
    But I’ll keep looking. Would the beta be ok in the 40 litre?
  6. DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    40 litre is about 10 gallon, so you could do a betta, killifish, guppies, white clouds, pencil fish, apistogramma and a few other nano species. Its not that you CANT do neons, its just not ideal for them. My wife kept 2 green neons in a 3.5 gallon for 4 years during college and never had a problem. We put them in a large community tank with other tetras about age 5 and they died within a month (go figure). Do some googling, Im sure youll find quite a few species.

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