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I have two ten gallon takns but my dad said he will buy them of of me. I have saved up some money and hopefully with the money he gives me I can buy a 30-36 gallon tank. since I am about to get a new tank I am wondering what arer good fish to start of a nice community tank thanks and please respond


If you still want to buy cherry barbs, they'll be fine in both 10 gallon and 30 gallon tanks. But larger tanks are always better, believe me. So if you can get that 30 gallon, please do. As for the tiger barbs, I wouldn't be getting them as a beginner. (1) They grow too large for smaller tanks and (2) they can be nippy, which isn't a good thing for other fish.

Let me tell you this. Before you buy any fish, do the research. See if the species you want to buy will be compatible with the other species you'll have. Check their water parameter requirements and how large they grow. Do not buy any fish which you have not researched.


thanks are chineese alge eaters aggresive. will the go well with my barbs. I have 6 barbs but no algae eater or bottom feeder do u know if an chineese algae eater will go well in my tank or will it be overcrowded. I wanted to buy coolI loaches but I heard they like sand. if I am to buy them wll those go well in my tank or do they get to big. I will try to get 2 coolI loaches if I can thanks


I don't recommend Chinese Algae Eaters, as they grow large, aggressive, and eventually lose their taste for algae. If you want an algae eater, look into Otocinclus or small plecos such as the Bristlenose or Butterfly.


Chinese algae eaters are good as youngsters, but as they grow they become more aggressive and may harass other fish. Not a good fish for beginners. Good algae eaters that don't grow too large and that are peaceful are particularly bristlenose algae eaters.


are any kind of corys good for my tank because some look cooler then others


All corys are peaceful and are good tank mates as long as there is nothing in the tank big enough to eat them.


well I will just have my barbs with the corys and they don't et that big so would that work.


Corys are very sensitive to a cycling tank, for them to be happy and healthy your tank needs to be several months old. They also don't eat algae. Bristlenose are great algae eaters. But I would suggest not adding anything else until your tank completes cycling.


r stripped clown plecos good algae eaters b/c I hav one and he doesn't eat much algae or do I hav to give him sometime


hgey I never knew you had a clown pleco how are they I have heard they aresupposed to be very cool


A good part of the enjoyment of keeping fish is the research you put into deciding what you want in the tank.  If you just look at a fish, and say, that's pretty, I want one, you will probably get tired of it quickly, because you don't really know much about it except it's basic needs.  What you should do is decide what fish is the most important to your tank, and learn everything about it, like how big does it get, is it carnivorous or herbivorous, is it a schooling fish, is it easy to breed in a tank, what level of the tank does it usually swim at, etc.  Then start checking into what's compatible with that fish.  If you want a lot of movement in your tank, you will look at what's compatible with your showpiece fish, and which fish swim at different levels than that fish in the tank.  You also need to consider if you want live plants in the tank or not.  Some fish don't do well with plants.  Some will eat them, and others dig them up all the time.  I know it sounds like a lot, but it really is exciting, and you will enjoy your tank much more.  Up near the top of the screen where it says "Go Back to FishLore", click on that, and go into profiles.  You can start your research on fish here.  Here's some other sites that will help you in your research:

You also might want to even go to aquabid and just look at what's for sale.  Then do a google search on the scientific name to learn more about that fish.  I have been doing that for years.      


ya iv already did research on them but some sites say ther not good algae eaters as some plecos r but some do I was just wondering if u hav had any expierence on this




my dad said he will buy them of of me

Cool I wish my dad would buy my tank---so I could get a bigger one....^_^ heh heh


my dad loves fish. He grew up wit tanks all of his life. When I was little we had a 55 gallon with all kinds of fish. I would just give my dad the tanks but I need the money for a 30 or 36 gallon tank.

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