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    First tank I've had in quite a while. Originally had african cichlids in the tank, but were far too aggressive and the lady that sold them to me didn't tell me the proper way to care for them...

    So I started over. And I love it. I've always loved community tanks that allow multiple species of fish that can co-exist.

    The new fish in the tank are:

    - Tiger barbs (6 in total)
    - Veil angel fish (2)
    - Small bayla shark
    - Small red tailed shark
    - Chinese algae eater
    - Dinosaur bichir
    - Nerite snails (2)

    I know it seems a bit much but I have a 55 gallon and these fish all seem to be getting along perfectly fine. I would however like anyone to comment about any issues I may run into with my tank.

    I provided a few pictures of the fish but since I work a ton I haven't been able to snap any good quality pictures! I look forward to getting tips from anyone willing to give some! received_324625788482591.jpeg20190718_114235.jpg20190718_114246.jpg
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    Unfortunately I think you may run into some issues in future with that stocking.

    The bala shark will eventually grow to around a foot long. Bala sharks are schooling so should be kept in groups of 6+ with more being better. 6 foot long fish will need a much bigger tank than 55 gallons.

    Red tailed sharks and Chinese algae eaters both become increasingly aggressive as they age and could cause problems.

    Dinosaur birchirs get huge (around 20" long) and will need a much larger tank. Adult dinosaur birchirs could easily eat some of your other fish.

    Tiger barbs are generally pretty nippy fish and I wouldn't trust them with fish like angels with their long flowing and tempting fins. Adding more to their school will make them less nippy but they still may not be able to resist the angels' fins.
  3. CaptainAquatics

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    Everything will work together except for Chinese algae eater and the dinosaur bichir. Bala sharks should also be in schools and get pretty big but i'm talking aggression wise. Dinosaur bichirs get a nasty set of teeth and become aggressive (plus they get 12+"), and Chinese algae eaters have a tendency (when they get big) to eat the slime coat off of other fish.

    Hope this helps :)
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    Yeah I think you have to return that bichir! Get a bn pleco instead they look kind of prehistoric. While your going back bring the Chinese algae eater back too and replace with a Siamese algae eater. These are not aggressive and eat algae. Get 3.
    Barbs are fin nippers so keep an eye on them that there not stressing the angels. The bala shark can get big but most get to about 6-8” in that tank I would get another for company. Also they are jumpers. So have I lid on the tank. Good luck and welcome to fishlore!
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    I appreciate the info! I actually wanted to get a pleco rather than the bichir but decided to go with it due to its unique look. Then I really researched it when I got home and was shocked to see how aggressive they get. Definitely gonna do a swap. Hopefully the barbs don't mess with the Angel's too much. If they do and I do a swap, what would you recommend for a schooling fish that would pair well with Angel's?
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  7. 86 ssinit

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    Everything above and any tetra will work. Some of the smaller rainbow fish will work too.
  8. OP

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    Thanks very much I'll keep that in mind!