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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by sharmander, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. sharmander New Member Member

    Getting a 55 gallon for 2 black moors I have, is there anything I can add to it to make it the best for them ? There babys now but this is gonna have to be set up soon there in a 30 gal and want them in a bigger tank. Any way all ideas plants substrate more fish what ever you guys think will help my nim and pan the most natural home.

  2. Shu New Member Member

    So for goldfish the easiest form of substrate is nothing at all, but I think black moors look really pretty with a large river rock bottom. it doesn't have to be huge, but just big enough that it can't be accidentally swallowed. You could also do a very fine grain sand in a pretty thin layer, but make sure you stir it up often and clean it thoroughly clean it to make sure ammonia doesn't build up from hidden wastes. Plants are always a potential snack for goldfish, so you're going to have to do a lot of trial-and-error to see what your goldfish will or won't eat. My goldfish tend to leave taller plants alone, such as amazon swords, for some reason. Also goldfish are better only paired with other goldfish, because their fins are so long and thin. You could get an otocinclus or a pleco, but plecos can get VERY large, so just keep that in mind with your tank size. Hope that helped!!
  3. guppgirl Valued Member Member

    Shu has given some good advice. Another thing you can try is adding duckweed to the tank, it grows and reproduces like crazy and can provide a great snack for the goldies which tend to love it. I would not add any other schooling fish, just because A. goldfish make a mess, and B. some goldfish will figure out how to catch and eat smaller fish like white cloud minnows which can live in the cooler water that goldfish like. You could add 2-3 mystery snails, they get pretty large and are difficult for any sort of goldfish to eat. If you really want to have some sort of schooling fish in with the goldfish, then it first relies on what temperature you keep your goldfish at.
  4. sharmander New Member Member

    Update bamboo and duck weed with very round rocks at the bottom lol, and the snails yes please! More into planted aquariums with potted plants
  5. guppgirl Valued Member Member

    I love my mystery snails, they're very active and nicely colored. You can see their little mouths when they're eating off of the glass, it's very cute.