New Tank!

  1. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    No, I don't have a new betta in such a short time. I think two is enough for now.
    But I'm babysitting my 6 yr old cousin from out of state, and we are talking. She says they keep her family betta in a bowl.
    So, of course, what do I do? I find my empty 2.5 and take off the light and rim because 1) the light doesn't work 2) it looks much better without it. Anyways, I ask my cousin if she wants black or colorful substrate. She wants colorful. I had some extra plastic plants and so we put them in. I also put in a Marimo moss ball. Sadly, I don't have an extra filter or heater. But at least the betta will have a bigger home with decorations to hide behind and interact with.

    I was slightly worried about my aunt's reaction, but she was super enthusiastic. 045845f31eca20d481e0284f10c11594.jpg bdf88085c9d9c5c7cbd8749d59655e65.jpg a16e7cd675e2b1314b2ee25a614d24fa.jpg
  2. BReefer97 Member Member

    Looks good! I'm sure the fish will appreciate it. Does it have a heater and filter? And I would suggest getting silk plants as opposed to plastic. They can rip the fins! :)

  3. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    No, like I said above, I didn't have any extra heater or filter, sadly. They live in Florida, so I hope that maybe it will be warm enough.
    I just used some of my extra stuff. I've switched over to live plants, so I had three plastic. They are pretty soft plastic plants. My veiltail betta didn't have any issues with the plants while he had them.

  4. BReefer97 Member Member

    With such a small tank it should be fine without a heater, you're correct :) but I would definitely suggest getting a filter for it. Here's a link to this one that would work great. The flow is adjustable so you can turn it down low for the betta. It's also only $9!

    Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter for Aquariums, 1 - 3 gallon

  5. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    I might get it if I can. I live a long ways away (takes days to drive there) and so it may be hard for me to get a filter to them when they head back to Florida after their visit. I wish I had an extra filter on hand but I don't. I will suggest the filter to my aunt, though, of course!
  6. Bailey Oswald Member Member

    I just hope the betta likes his new home. It will be bigger, with decorations to play with and everything. c: