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    Hello, restarted my tank after deciding I wasn't happy with the decor or filter situation and now it is all up and running and ready for fish I'm looking for a little bit of advice on where to start and what to buy. It is a 130 tank and looking for the best sorts of fish to start with that get along with each other in tank, will appreciate any help. Megan
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    130 gallons or litres?
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    What are the dimensions of the tank and do you have any particular fish in mind?

    In a 130 litre you could (depending on the dimensions) do something like this:
    8 Cherry barbs / Harlequin Rasbora / Pearl danio
    8 Neon tetra / Black phantom tetras
    8 Bronze corydoras / Three-lined Corydoras
    A trio of Honey gourami ( 2 females 1 male) OR an all-male group of 4 livebearers (guppies / platies...)

    10-15 Cherry barbs (or whatever shoaling species is your favourite)
    10 Bronze Corydoras / Three-lined corydoras
    A trio of Honey gourami (2 females 1 male) OR a single Dwarf gourami

    These are just some ideas of some peaceful species that should work.

    When coming to stock add one group at a time so as not to overwhelm the filter. I would recommend to add the hardier species first, like the cherry barbs before the tetras.