New Tank

  1. bryce1217 Member Member

    My 40 gallon tall cube just finished cycling and im getting some awesome algae blooms. When the time comes (in about another month and a half) im going to start adding a few fishies. What would you recommend for a 40 cube tall. Its a cube but its extremely tall. It comes out to around 38.5 gallons. Clownfish maybe? im out of my comfort zone here and I really need some help stocking that way I don't screw everything up. lol
  2. Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Clowns are nice. Ocellaris. A pair or a group must be purchased together from the same tank.

    Engineer gobies are awesome
  3. bryce1217 Member Member

    ok I must have nemo! or 2 lol
  4. bryce1217 Member Member

    I went to my lfs today and grabbed a percula clown fish and a diamond goby. So much personality!
  5. Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Perculas will get big.