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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by ChiefBloodFang, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. ChiefBloodFangNew MemberMember

    hey im just starting on this i have a nice 180 ltr tank (roughly) and am going to start doing it. anyways the question i have is after its all setup ect im planning on introducing 2 plecos, 2 angle fish and a red tail shark to begin with this a good idea or not (other schooling fish will be added at later dates)
  2. skjl47Valued MemberMember

    Hello; By my calculation 180 ltr is around 45 gallons. Less actual water by the time substrate and decor are added.
    2 plecos, 2 angle fish and a red tail shark will in time be a lot in such a volume of water. A common pleco can get to over 14 inches and you are thinking of two of them. Angle fish can grow fairly large as, I believe, can the shark.
    This is a stocking plan that you may be able to get away with for a time while the fish are small, but if the fish live will grow too large to be kept in such a tank. An experenced fish keeper willing to do a lot of extra work might be able to keep such a tank going for a time, A person new to the hobby will likely run into difficulties right away. Such a stocking plan will be something like walking a tightrope with regard to water conditions over time.
    Are you familiar with the concept of the ammonia/nitrogen cycle? If not may I suggest that you do a search on the subject. Here is a link to a site I have found to be a good, if long, read.

    Even if you decide to go ahead with your stocking plan, which will likely lead to issues, the tank will need to be cycled and the fish added in small numbers over time.

    My initial take is that you will have too much bioload in a 180 ltr tank before long and will be faced with needing a much larger tank or wll have very poor conditions for the indicated fish.

    Good luck.
  3. ChiefBloodFangNew MemberMember

    it will be naturaly planted to reduce the nitrate load and provide extra oxygen ect also from what ive been reading the biggest fish i have in the tank so far will be the angle fish as the plecos will only run at about 3 - 4 inches in general the shark about 5 inches and the angles at around 5 inches if my calculations and info isnt wrong witch is well within the limits of the tank. i will also be useing a fulter system witch is designed for larger tank in said tank and yes in a few years will be looking to getting a larger tank transfer fish and use the smalllert tank as a marine tank if i manage to do troical succesfully.
  4. fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    For plecos to be 3-4 in. they have to be a certain type so don't just by them also you need algae in the tank for them to eat so after 2-3 months would be an acceptable purchase (only get 1) the shark is fine in your tank and depending on the species of angels they may be fine and compatible with shark.
  5. skjl47Valued MemberMember

    Hello; The plecos are the big question for your proposed setup. I have read about some smaller varities but have no experience with them. There are some other catfish that do not get so large that might be worth consideration
  6. FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    I agree with the others. You may need to introduce the pleco later as your tank starts to grow alge. But if you really want one, it will feed off of flakes and those vege tablets that sinks to the bottom.

    If you really want a common pleco, than I would reconsider and maybe get a bristlenose pleco as those "only" grow to 6 inches.
  7. beginnerValued MemberMember

    be sure to add drift wood to the tank I've heard that plecos with knaw on the wood as part of their diet
  8. ChiefBloodFangNew MemberMember

    thanks guys this is more of the kinda help i was inteanding to get it will have caves at the back and a few pieces of driftwood nad i hoope to kick start the algie ect before introduceing fish as after its alll setup the tank will run with just plants in it for 2 - 4 weeks. and i never said witch kind of pleco i would be getting and thank you for the suggestyions of witch to get that one looks beutifull.