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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by seasmoke1, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. seasmoke1New MemberMember

    I have set up a second tank..29 gallon. The plan is to move some of the fish from the ten gallon into it. Have been trying to cycle for three weeks now using stresszyme . By week 2, ammonia read .2 and nitrite .5 and nitrate2.5. On week three the readings were ammonia .5 nitrite 0 and nitrate 0......I think the cycle did not complete itself... Would it help to take the filter in tank 1 ....which needs to be changed and put it into tank two for a bit?
  2. ZiggyZValued MemberMember

    You see, StressZyme is a bacterial additive (Bottled Bacteria). All bacterial additives need to be added with fish at the same time because without fish, no ammonia. Without ammonia, the bottled bacteria will die within 2-3 days. From the looks of it, yours already died off (Plus StressZyme isn't the best bacterial additive, TetraSafe Start is much more better). Adding the filter media from your other tank to your new tanks filter has the same exception as the bacterial additive, it needs to be added with fish or the beneficial bacteria will die off.
  3. jdhef

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    You will never cycle a tank using Stress Zyme. Stress Zyme supposedly contains bacteria that will convert ammonia into nitrites and bacteria that will convert nitrites into nitrates.

    But if it is indeed those types of bacteria, it is not a self sustaining form of those bacteria's and will die off shortly. Then once again you are left with no bacteria to keep your tank cycled. The way you know the bacteria isn't working is because you have ammonia readings and no nitrate readings.

    There are a couple of bacteria additives that will cycle your tank for you. One of those, which I personally have used successfully is Tetra SafeStart. the other is a product called Nite Out. I have no personal experiance with Nite Out, but I do know of two members on this forum who have used it and claimed success. I have heard of no one using it and having it fail for them.

    As you may know, the bacteria that keeps a tank cycled, lives in your filter media. If you follow the filter manufacturers instructions and change that filter cartridge, you will be back to having an uncycled tank. So what you want to do is just keep using that filter cartridge until it totally falls apart and is unusable. You can swish the cartridge around in dechlorinated water (most people used dirty tank water from a water change) to get the gunk out.

    The reaon for replacing the cartridge is because the carbon encasulated inside usually gets saturated and stops working after about 3-4 weeks.

    But carbon is not neccessary. So you could just cut a slit in the cartridge and dump the carbon out and just keep using the cartridge carbonless, or you could buy loose carbon and add it back in if you really wanted to use carbon.
  4. nuc99705

    nuc99705New MemberMember

    jdhef, good information!
  5. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    Stresszym is more for breaking down organic waste in gravel. It will not cycle a tank. Tetra Safe Start is the only thing that has been proven to work, that I am aware of. Without an ammonia source the bacteria will die though.

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