New Tank, Yay Or Nay?

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  1. thsia

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    So I’m helping out setting up a tank in an office setting (needs to be decently quiet). With the space given, it looks like the max size I can do is either a 37 gallon or a 36 bow front for a community tank.
    Aquaclear 50 + Fluval M 150W + Tetra Whisper 40/60 air pump + maybe a sponge filter
    Plan on a decent amount of plants and foliage and probably a single med sized rock cave (depending on my aquascaping skills)
    6-10 Neon tetras
    1-2 Male Guppys
    1-2 Male Platys
    4-6 Corycats
    4-5 Dwarf Rainbowfish
    5-6 Cherry Barbs
    2-3 Otocats
    unlikely but maybe:
    4-5 Ram cichlids (blue, electric-blue, gold)

    A lot of fish for a small tank, havent decided which to drop or some other fish choices. Not in a rush to decide since the tank isnt even set-up/cycle time.

    But what do you think? Sufficient size/fish/filtration/etc etc?
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  2. Lynn78too

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    That’s a lot of fish and a huge variety. I’m not a fan of the huge multi-species tank. I’d get rid of the guppies, only 2 isn’t really much fun to watch. Same with the platies. I’m not sure if the rams would go with the neons.

    It sounds like you like s variety of color but don’t care about schoolers, what about a betta sorority? Female betta have gotten much prettier than they used to be.
  3. Frozen One

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    Are you saying you want to have 3 filters? The current from that will likely cause whirlpool for the fish! And that is too broad of a stocking, any fish you enjoy in particular?
  4. TexasDomer

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    I think that is very overstocked. I would choose two species of schooling fish (dwarf neons, cherry barbs, or neons), the cories (just one species, at least 6 individuals), the centerpiece fish (male guppies and platies), the otos, and leave out the rams. The rams need warmer temps than the neons, so they're not compatible.

    So you could do something like this:

    8x Cherry barbs
    8x Neon tetra
    2x Male guppies
    1-2x Male platy
    6-8x Cories (one species)
    4-6x Otos