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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Jrobber, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. JrobberWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, I am a new hobbyist and am having lots of fun setting up my tank and picking out fish I want to have, however I have had a few problems so far and now this one, my black mollies have ICK. I started the tank with four mollies and I am down to two now. I am treating the water with Quick Care (the Aquarium store worker said to use this.) However, he also said to only use it for 5 days, but I have read to continue the treatment for up to two weeks. How long should I continue treatment?
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    However long it takes, could be a week, could be a month. But after a while you should stop because it could become hazardous to the fish. Personally, I've learned that medications don't always work, and they stain your tank! What I've learned is best to do, is simply turn your heater up to 86 F for about a week, or two if you want to be cautious.
    Mollies will be okay in this temperature, but be sure you do research on your other fish and find out if they can stand this kind of heat

    Ich is a parasite, it swims freely in the water until it finds a host, then attaches itself to them. While they are on the fish, you can't hurt them, but after a few days, they detach and fall to the bottom of the tank where they secrete a wall of slime and reproduce into hundreds of more parasites. Then the cycle repeats itself.

    When you turn the temperature up, it boosts their immune systems, causing their life cycle to speed up. In about 5 days, the parasites will detach and fall to the bottom to multiply. However, the parasite cannot survive in the hot water, and dies. Be sure to do plenty of water changes, and vacuum the gravel often.
    Also know that the warmer the water is, the less oxygen will be in it. Adding more oxygen to the water can be as simple as getting an airstone or even lowering your water level so that the filter's waterfall makes a bigger splash and puts more air into the water.

    I have black mollies, and just recently had ich...I even lost one molly, as you can see in my signature. It works, trust me.
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  3. Emily1234Valued MemberMember

    I got medication as my betta got this particular parasite and after using the meds once the ich fell off within 2 days and no more signs so it definatly works...
  4. bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    I agree with benjamin. Turn up the temp, maybe add a little bit of aquarium salt (if you don't already have some in the tank) and do extra water changes. The ick will be gone within a week or two. Two of my male bettas in separate tanks got ick at the same time and I did this (only difference was that I only turned the temp up to 82, not 86, but it still worked) and within a week the ick was completely gone and none of the other males in their (divided) tanks got it.
  5. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning JRobber and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    Some good info above. If you are using medications to treat for ICH then follow the directions as stated on the bottle.

    Some medications can ruin your cycle causing ammonia spikes so be sure to keep an eye on your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. I'm not familiar with the medicine you've chosen.

    I only recommend using medicines for ICH in severe cases. Raising your temperature to 85 or 86 degrees and leaving it there for a full two weeks should do it. Ich may appear worse before it gets better. Do two gravel vacuums each week to remove the spores that fall off the fish and into the substrate. Warmer waters require more oxygen so adding an air stone/supply line is recommended.

    Best wishes for a full recovery!
  6. JrobberWell Known MemberMember

    Ok, thanks for the tips everyone. I will definitely get the temperature up and have already have a little bit of salt to the tank. Unfortunately, I think it was a little too late because when I work up this morning, another mollie had died and my Lyretail Mollie looks like it is on its last leg. I don't have a water testing kit because I have been taken weekly samples to the fish store and they test it for free and said everything was fine, right before my ICK breakout. So I picked up the Pleco and three other fish and then the ICK becomes a problem.

    My Gourami's seem unaffected by the ICK. Even though they are blue and white in color, I haven't noticed any spots on them and they are acting normally.

    Another question I have now is, currently I have have 2 Gourami's, 1 Black Mollie, and the Pleco (and 1 Lyretail, but not much faith in him) left; should I get a couple of new fish to put in the tank so the Pleco has plenty to eat? When I first got the Pleco, there were 8 other fish in there.
  7. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning Jrobber,

    Sorry to hear you lost another fish. I'm not quiet sure why you think you need more fish so that your Pleco has plenty to eat. (?) They don't eat waste. Many Plecos will feed on algae in the tank, you can feed them algae wafers, fresh zucchini (a favorite of my Pleco)sliced cucumber is good too. Just rinse it off, slice it, weight it down so it sinks to the bottom. Your Pleco will love it. Remove anything uneaten after say 2 hours or so. If you feed him at night then just leave it in there and remove it in the morning.
    Maybe the above link will help you some.
    Please don't add any more fish until your tank and fish are free from ICH.
  8. Morgan111Well Known MemberMember

    yes and you nshould not add fish for a extended pieriod of time to make sure that the ICH cycle is complete, plus you might want to think about using a quarntien tank for all new additions.