new tank w live rock cycle, green algae bad?? 30 Gallon Tank

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  1. zvargulis New Member Member

    hey guys
    i am about 3 weeks into my new marine tank cycle,
    i had the tank run for about 3 days before i added some rock. I added about 1kg of full cured live rock from a friends tank. then added another 2kg from local pet store tuesday last week looked and smelt pretty cured.

    i have a 2ftx2ftx1ft 30 gal tall tank currently running no skimmer and just 1 20W power glo. only have a ammonia test kit which is measureing around 3mg/L

    my question is is the algae in the photos bad?, closest thing i could find that looked like it was Bryopsis algae, which is apparantly bad??

    thanks for any help/tips.

    brown algae is normal ay?


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  2. David C Well Known Member Member

    Your tank is in the process of cycling. During this process, you are going to see a number of different types of algae come and go. What kind of water are you using? Tap water or RO? It looks like you have a canister filter hooked up, what kind of filtration are you using it for? I've read that they can become nitrate factories and that would help contribute to an algae outbreak if not cleaned regularly (once a week or possibly more often).

    I'm sure someone else will be along later today with more information.