New Tank tons of algae

  1. dandelion

    dandelion Valued Member Member

    My tank is almost done cycling. However there has been a large outbreak of green algae that I was originally told would go away in a month. It has overtaken my tank and everything is green. Do I buy an algae killer and some snails or do I reset the whole thing.

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  2. FallenOwl

    FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    How long do you keep the lights on?
  3. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    How long do you leave the lights on? Does the tank get any sunlight?

    I'd cut your lighting schedule down, scrub the algae off, and do a large water change. Don't use an algae killer - it can be harmful to your tank's future inhabitants. You can get a few snails too, but I'd get to the root cause and fix it also (lighting, etc.).

  4. AquariumQuirks

    AquariumQuirks Valued Member Member

    What are your water parameters? If you have to much nitrates it can cause a algae bloom. Try doing a 50% water change and cut your lighting to 8 hours or less a day. Get as much algae off of the glass and decorations as you can. And reduce feeding if you are using ammonia to cycle the tank try using about 1/4 or 1/2 less. If you're using fish flakes again use about 1/4 or 1/2 less.
  5. vivelafish

    vivelafish Valued Member Member

    Agreed with all of the above, don't leave the lights on for too long and do some water changes. I am a huge lover of nerite snails because they do a fantastic job of cleaning the walls of my tank and I don't have to clean the walls as much anymore. It's fantastic. Also, they're super hungry all the time and they don't breed in freshwater. Just make sure your hood is on tightly. They like to escape sometimes (though this has only happened to me once).
  6. OP

    dandelion Valued Member Member

    I have been on a vacation and am sorry for the lack of activity! Yes, the nitrates are high, as the tank is in the last few weeks of the cycle. I will buy some snails soon just to help clean it all up. I wiped down the walls and took out the one rock I had in there for d├ęcor. Now all that is left is algae covered substrate, heater, temp probe, anubias, and other plant I always forget what it is. I think I will invest in some amazon swords to help out compete the algae...I did a 50% water change yesterday and plan on doing another today. I also have been leaving the lights on for only a few hours a day instead of all day like normal. My question is my tank has an led night light for the fish to stimulate moon light (does it I really have no idea) regardless could I leave this one on or should I keep it completely off?
  7. OP

    dandelion Valued Member Member

    Well I lied. I checked the water parameters this morning and currently:

    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0 (finally)
    Nitrate: 1.0 (above 0 below 5.0, barely)
    PH: 7.6

    So as far as water parameters go, everything is where it should be. Would you guys agree?
  8. AquariumQuirks

    AquariumQuirks Valued Member Member

    Yes. your water parameters are great! But I would actually let your nitrate get up to about 15-20ppm because plants can take better use of them at that level.
    Algae control is all about conforming to the plants needs and not the algae so the plants can get the upper hand. Very low nitrate concentrations will let the algae get the upper hand.
    So far you're doing great! Keep it up and it should go away soon though you will still need to clean things up once or twice a week. Because it's impossible to completely stop algae growth.
  9. AquariumQuirks

    AquariumQuirks Valued Member Member

    Also about the moon light I would keep it off at night.
  10. OP

    dandelion Valued Member Member

    AquariumQuirks Thank you! I will leave all the lights off except for a few hours until I can get it under control. Right now it seems to not be blooming as bad. It is still present on the rocks and plants but the stuff I wiped off has yet to come back strong. Although I have to wait to get a scrubber for the sides I was able to get majority off. Both plants that are in there currently have a ton of new sprouts, so hopefully they help take the nutrients. Next paycheck I will purchase 2 Amazon Swords and that should clear it up.
  11. AquariumQuirks

    AquariumQuirks Valued Member Member

    Sounds great! I'm glad to hear its clearing up. If you need any more help don't hesitate to ask :)