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    Hi Guys I Have An Aqua One Ar980 Setup Which Has Been Running For About 10 Days Now. I Cycled It With Nutrafin Cycle. Tests Seem Ok. I Have 2 Yellow Labs. 2 Rusty Chiclids. 1 Tiger Pleco Which Were Added Yesterday And 2 What I Believe Are Kenyi Chiclids Which I Put In Last Are Very Active And Seem Fine. Any Feedback Would Be Great. Cheers:
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    Thats a lovely setup! I'm so jealous! Please post me some pics of your yellow labs - I think they are one of the best fish in terms of colour! Thanks
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    Welcome to FishLore!
    I'm sorry to say the Cycle will not cycle your tank correctly. It contains the wrong kind of bacteria. It's not aquatic and dies off quickly. That's why it has to be added with every water change.
    Imo, you should stop using it and be prepared to do daily water changes (once you start getting ammonia readings) until the tank is cycled.

    Post some pics, we'd love to see your tank!
    Best of luck. :)
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