New tank setup for newbie

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    I am in process of setting up a new 75g tank. The tank is fully cycled and has sand substrate from a previous owner of the tank.

    I have a large piece of driftwood ready to boil (once I find a pot big enough!!) and am planning on getting some Java Fern to root throughout it.

    I plan to make the tank a community aquarium with Rainbows, Danio's and Tetras to start off with.

    I plan on putting in the "Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light" or the "Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium" light suspended 4" from the water so I am looking at low tech plants.

    I'm thinking of getting a few Aquatic Arts Cholla Aquarium Driftwood pieces from Amazon to hold things into the sand and make some of my own root tabs with Oscomote.

    Thoughts on some of the other plants that are great for beginners to setup the layout of the tank?
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    This article that covers the top 10 plants for beginners might be helpful…

    I have two types of Java fern in my Rainbow tank and they are great and grow fast. You can use some string to tie them down to the driftwood until the roots grow onto it. I also had an Anubius that I really liked, but the snails ate it up pretty bad and then as it was recovering algae started growing on it and just took over :(. I will probably get more soon though, it's a good looking plant. Also I had Amazon Sword plants and liked them, but the lighting in my tank is too poor for them and they didn't last long.
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    Java fern is definitely my go-to plant for any tank.

    Other easy plants I've personally used are anacharis, hornwort, and water wisteria.