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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Jeff Schafer, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

    Good afternoon. I have an aquarium we have been trying to cycle since the beginning of January. My ammonia is at 2ppm with no nitrites or nitrates. We have talked with our LFS concerning our problem and think we may have discovered the issue. When we received the tank, it was in need of a good cleaning. My wife used Limeaway & soap to clean the tank, gravel and decorations. There is nothing special about our gravel and decorations, standard gravel and plastic decorations. I rinsed everything several times, but I assume we still have residue left over from the cleaning. I don't get any soap bubbles or detect in discolorations floating on the water. After talking with the LFS, they state we will need a new tank, decorations and gravel since we used Limeaway and soap since it is virtually impossible to remove the residue. Is this correct or is there anything we can do to get our 20 gallon tank going? I have what appears to be a brown algae growing on the glass, gravel and decorations, but can't seem to get the tank to cycle.

    Appreciate any information you may have, thanks.
  2. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    I would get rid of it all. Any kind of cleaners are pretty bad for the fish. If you really wanted to clean it that well, I'd go with boiling water or maybe even white vinegar if you rinsed it really well. Sorry. Hope I helped a bit.
  3. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

    Thanks, she cleaned the tank without knowing the harm she was causing. I wanted to checked to see if there was anything that could be done to revive the tank for use.

    Thanks again.
  4. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    No problem. At least you checked here before you added any animals. If you ever need to know anything else about the 20, like your stocking, substrates, etc., send me a message. I've been keeping the same size for a while and I'm happy to answer any questions you have.
  5. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

  6. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Good luck! Any ideas for your stocking by the way? You seemed to have most of it done, so you must've been thinking about potential fish.
  7. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

    We were thinking angel fish. My wife likes them a lot. :)
  8. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Is it a 20 long or 20 tall? They could work in the tall, but you shouldn't in a long. Angel's can grow up to about 8 inches tall in a tank, it'd just be to big.
  9. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

    The tank is a long, didn't realize they would get that big. Since we will be looking for a new tank, we will insure we consider the size. Before replacing the tank, we will spend some time at the shop to see what she likes best.
  10. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Good plan! Just keep this in mind if you stick with the 20. If you want some kind of active, schooling fish like some kind of tetra for example, the long would probably be better. Fish like that usually prefer horizontal to vertical room.
  11. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

    Thank you for the suggestions.
  12. justinmoValued MemberMember

    If you want to stick with angelfish you could get a pair in a 29 gallon which is generally known as the minimum. Only a pair though.
  13. Jeff SchaferNew MemberMember

    Thanks. Another question concerning this tank. I had purchased a new Aquaclear 50 HOB filter when I set this tank up. Will I be able to use this filter on a replacement tank?