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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by GreekThology, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. GreekThologyNew MemberMember

    So I had many questions as to what would be great algae eaters since i would unintentionally get it and how much fish i could have and what types of fish. Now I finally set up my tank a bit different with all my knowledge from this forum and researching a bit. My tank is a 10gallon. I have 2 Sunburst Platy, 3 Japanese Shrimp, 2 African Dwarf Frog and 3 Nerite Snails. I just want to get some feedback as to how stocked my tank is or what improvements i could make. All input welcome :) thanks guys!
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  2. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    Wow such a nice looking tank! The stocking is great IMO. If your platies are male and female they will most likely breed and next thing you know you will have little fry swimming in your tank lol. Overall it's a nice tank with a good stock

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  3. bowen747xValued MemberMember

    2 ADFs in a 10 gallon? Im almost certain many people would say no to that. I have read ADFs need there own tank, but I may be wrong.

    As for plattys, well you might be alright if you remove the frogs, but 10g is bare minimum for plattys as they do love more space. I would not recommend adding any more or you would be over crowding them, especially if your not keeping the water to the very top.
  4. GreekThologyNew MemberMember

    The ADF's have been doing well together, have had them for about a week; they're my newest and last addition. They tend to each keep to one side of the tank more than being together but neither is aggressive towards each other or the other fish/shrimp. That is all I will keep in this size tank. Water is about 3 inches from the top to 1) prevent the filter from being submerged, 2) hopefully prevent anything from jumping out and 3) makes it easier to see whats floating up top [not that anything besides fish food should be]
    thanks for the comments. As far as the platys go, I'm pretty sure they're both male

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  5. MortishaValued MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore. You have a very nice looking tank? You don't need an algea eater your Nerite snails will take care of any algea that grows, you will need to supplement there food until then though. Repashy Super Food is a great supplement you would want the soilent green for snails. My Nerite and Rabbit snails go nuts for it. My 6 Nerites keep my 55gal tank glass pristine and I had a major brown diatom and algea issue. I still have to take most of my plants out once a month and put them in bleach water b/c the shape of them makes it difficult for the snails to get to.

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