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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by angelfish, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. angelfish

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    Hi, my tank has been up and running for 32 days now with 2 silver dollars and 2 angelfish from the start, and my ammonia numbers are still high.
    ammonia=8 ppm

    Why is there so much ammonia yet? PS: its a 55 gallon tank.Also the tank water is the clearest its been since setup and the fish seem really healthy.Just want to add more fish ,but im scared to, because of the high ammonia. Any help? Thanks Alot!!
  2. Maida_gc

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    Nitrites / Nitrates being "zero" with your Amonia so high could mean your tank is still begining to cycle. Meaning the Amonia needs to stay high to develp nitrites then of course Nitrates. But that is a TOXIC level for fish and I'm surprised they seem happy. I would

    a) retest
    b) test your tap water for Amonia
    c) Do a massive water change
    d) Do not add more fish!
    e) Wait for one of the moderaters to give you further advice. But I do know they will agree with me on not adding more fish until everything gets straightend out. Good luck.
  3. Jason

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    Great Advice ;)
    What kind of Test kit are you using?
  4. Isabella

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    Listen to Maida! Your ammonia is incredibly high given the fact that you have fish like angels in there. But it definitely will disappear once nitrites show up. Good luck with cycling.
  5. knight fish

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    I used a chemical called Cycle which helps supply the bacteria for the nitrification process, it took 4 exact weeks for my 55 gal. tank to cycle with 5 fish.
    Just don't add more fish as this will increase you ammonia even further.
  6. EmpPleco

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    Someone may need to back me up on this, but I am pretty sure that if you were gravel vacuuming to try and get rid of ammonia, StOP. Because the beneficial bacteria required to turn ammonia, into nitrite, and then nitrite in nitrate lives pretty much in the substrate, so if you are constantly gravel vaccing, not only are you getting rid of harmful substances, but you are also getting rid of the beneficial stuff as well. I would just take out water from the top of the tank and replace it with new water (and dechlorinate), and be sure to remove uneaten food from the bottom of the tank when it is necessary
  7. Jon

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    most of the bacteria lives in your filter media i beleive... im surprised you have those numbers after 32 days... wow... 8 ppm amonia is hella toxic im surprised those fish are alive... y the heck did u chose to cycle your tank with those fish? they arent very hardy oh well... dont add more fish and dont vacuum too much... maybe try some ammo-lock or other chemicals for ridding tanks of amonia because 8ppm is ridiculous.... hardy fish can take 2 ppm but most fish struggle with 1-2 ppm... 8 ppm woah
  8. EmpPleco

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    True, I forgot to mention that.. a lot of beneficial bacteria live in the filter media, so don't clean the filter out until you're numbers start to lessen, especially do not clean a biowheel if you have one - they work best "dirty"