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    I am a new tank owner! The tank has 1 sucker fish and 5 small goldfish, along with a betta buddy (furry green ball). I was told that its like a magnet for debris inside the tank and that the sucker fish can feed off of it as well. The tank was set up on Sunday, July, 12, 2015. I have heard quite a few things about some tabs that are blue that I am suppose to use to keep them healthy and disease free. Also do I need to add drops to stabilize the water if I am using drinking water and not tap? I am new to all this so any information will help. What do I NEED to keep my fish alive and healthy? The materials that I NEED or anything that you would like to give me advice on is greatly appreciated! Can the sucker fish attach itself to a plastic aquarium? My tank is a 6.5 gallon semi-hex shape aquarium by the brand Aqua. What can I do to make the habitat nice and enjoyable for all the fish? Those are all the questions that come to my mind while I type this but like I said anything that I NEEd to know please tell me! image

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to Fishlore!

    If your tank is a 6.5 gallon, you need to return all of your fish. Goldfish, assuming you got fancy goldies, require 20 gallons for the first goldie and an additional 10 gallons for every goldie after that. So for 5 of them, you need at least a 60 gallon tank JUST for the goldfish.

    If they are common or comet goldfish, they will require a pond.

    Your "sucker fish" is probably a large pleco - many species reach over a foot long, and are massive waste producers. Minimum tank size just for a single common pleco is 75 gallons, and even that is the absolute bare minimum.

    If you don't already know about the nitrogen cycle, click the link there and read up on it. It's the staple of fishkeeping, and without a basic understanding of how to maintain healthy water, you'll find it difficult to have success in the fishkeeping hobby.

    If you're using drinking water, you probably shouldn't be. It lacks the minerals necessary to maintain osmotic function in your fish, meaning they will have problems with retaining the proper amount of water in their cells. This can eventually lead to kidney failure if left unchecked. Tap water can be dechlorinated easily with a product like Prime (made by Seachem) to make it safe for aquarium use.

    Additionally, there are a lot of fish that are well-suited to your tank size. If it were me, I'd put a school of chili rasboras in and call it a day. They'd be pleased as punch in that size tank, and they're beautiful, colorful, and fun to watch :)
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    Welcome to Fish Lore!!!! Good for you, coming here for advice! :D

    I pretty much agree with everything the above poster said, that's pretty sound advice right there! If you want, we can help you identify what kind of goldfish you have if you can post pictures of them. :)
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    Welcome to the forum, Laura! Sorry that you are probably not hearing the advice you had hoped for, but it would definitely be better for those fish if you could return them and get a type more appropriate for that size tank. Also, if you are able to add a picture of your tank, we could check your heater and filter situation.
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    You should return everey fish in that tank also agree with all the other advice said by the other people. You could add one Betta by its self in that tank. Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?
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    Hello everyone!

    Thanks so much for the feedback! Unfortunately the fish weren't store bought. They were a gift. :/
    I'll look into maybe giving them away and ill post pictures soon!
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    I'm gonna add that goldfish and plecos have different temperature requirements. You could just rehome the pleco and get a bigger tank if your goldfish are fancies. If not, rejoining is the best option. Can you take pictures of the fish and post?

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