new tank, old filter

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    jes28 New Member Member


    Ive had my tank about 2 weeks, I put some cycle in it and some waste from another filter.
    So how far along the 2 month normal cycle does that take it.
    All the way, or just part?

  2. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    You have to have an ammonia source to keep the ammonia alive and growing.  Are you cycling with fish or ammonia?  Or is the "waste" you speak of your ammonia source?  Cycling usually takes about a month or so.

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  3. OP

    jes28 New Member Member


    I am cycling with fish.
    I just have a small 20lt tank and a new 70 lt tank.
    My old all in one 20lt tank is not working properly, its wheel filter did not work so it had a internal filter. This filter could just be transfered to the new tank along with the fish, I only have 6 small fish intotal. 3 in each tank at the moment.
    I also have a new filter which came with the new tank.
    I have ordered a amonia test kit, may get it tomorrow.
    I allready have the 5-1 test strips.
    The plants seem to be going, are these affected by the "cycle"