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Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by delta5, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Figured id post here to give new cichlid keepers some ideas.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516039.893815.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516067.826298.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516101.764926.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516127.031546.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516152.756428.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516175.177913.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516215.487117.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516242.594987.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516264.194281.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407516325.860462.jpg

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  2. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    Wow very nice! Where did you get the stones?

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  3. RivieraneoModeratorModerator Member

    Delta, that looks really nice, the arrangement of the stones provides many hiding places, just curious, how much is the total stone weight ?

  4. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    Looks great, Delta.
  5. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Between 50-75 pounds.

    Got them from a local gravel, mulch place. All the stones were 3.50 for a 5g bucket.

    Thank you. I was going for a natural look but also lots if hiding and a nice sized cave. The cave is shaped like a c with other points of entrance.

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  6. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Updated layout.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882203.074866.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882226.560404.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882272.505659.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882301.763920.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882327.014707.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882351.035475.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407882368.257059.jpg

    EDIT: The big flat slab piece is on the bottom. I thought that maybe if I make the floor out the bottom cave one piece of limestone that the cichlids might start mating and actually start popping out eggs.

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  7. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Got another 5g bucket of limestone. I'm not to happy with the current layout but it's staying like this for now.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1409001069.709085.jpg

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  8. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Redone the layout again. This time I got closer to what I wanted, but not all the way there yet. I managed to stack up out of the water and kept the side open enough to see whats going on in most of the rocks.

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  9. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    You the man delta!
  10. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Latest layout. So far Tex hasn't got stuck anywhere, yet.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411235329.371645.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411235359.648001.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411235395.470885.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411235425.040956.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411235453.964758.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411235481.318977.jpg

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  11. TJBenderWell Known MemberMember

    Looks really nice!
  12. Stu4648Valued MemberMember

    Very cool layout, plenty of things to explore.
  13. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Thank you. Hopefully when my 2 sunsun jvp-101 800gph pumps get here the cichlids will love the extra current.
  14. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688527.648651.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688555.885595.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688584.543113.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688700.498023.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688727.173476.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688781.381584.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688812.638478.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688846.953356.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1411688874.682662.jpg

    Last photo I think she has eggs in her mouth.

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  15. dakotaValued MemberMember

    Good lookin tank and fish. Cichlids are a great fish and fun to watch. Thanks
  16. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1412708653.568305.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1412708687.033417.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1412708708.246468.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1412708734.933579.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1412708761.719347.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1412708796.636659.jpg

    Really loving the black background.

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  17. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    Looks awesome!! I want to start a cichlid tank!

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  18. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Nighttime with the 8" glo light.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413690701.664181.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413690862.130516.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413690902.485851.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413690927.549046.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413690958.824892.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413690997.375494.jpgImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1413691088.179318.jpg

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