New Tank In The Works!!!

  1. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    HHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! :;laughing i wish they had a bouncing off the walls smilie :p im so excited! i think that my plans for a new 29 gallon tank are finally working out! my LFS has a "kit" that comes with heater, filter, tank, lighting, and free samples :) it's all around 130 bucks. the heater... well, i didnt pay much attention to it. i figured as long as it's adequate it'll be fine. the filter is a marineland penquin 200. is that strong enough??? i added up the total cost for all those things seperately and its a pretty good deal (and a lot less of a hassle...) ill be fishless cycling with pure ammonia btw.

    SOOO a new tank should be up within a few weeks! (at latest, christmas :) )
    i've already shared aquascaping plans and such and will try to scan in a picture i drew. i am much handier with a pencil than i am with the pencil tool. Substrate will be sand, and decor will be stacked rocks. i think ill find some pool filter sand somewhere, but im not sure where yet. live plants for sure, but i think i might have to get some new light bulbs. depends on what comes with the little kit thingy.

    stocking is 3 albino cory cats, 2 tiny, itsy, bitsy, (well, about half an inch) adorable baby bronze cory cats at my LFS (just saw them today... too cute!) and maybe a 3rd baby bronze cory. will the bronze and albino school together? they are very similar in color.
    i will also have an angelfish i think im going to have to get off has anyone worked with that site? my LFS sometimes has angels, but they get gone reeaaallll quick. also ill have some platys, i think 5, and all female.
    finally, ill have one male balloon molly. (yes, ik they are deformed, i feel bad for the little guy....)

    any gaps in my plan? i know a lot of you already commented on my other thread, but i wanted to update the "new plan" and felt like rambling :)
    sorry if its :;tmi haha

    OH RIGHT! i have a 10 gallon right now, and need to "deal with it" the only occupant is an albino cory that will become a new resident of the 29 gallon. i have all the stuff and am trying to figure out what to do with it. i can't keep it, don't have any room in my room. (my parents don't want it anywhere elseeeee) and it would be nice if i could make some money off the money-pit :p

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  2. flyin-lowe Well Known Member Member

    I haven't been following your other thread so if you already addressed this, sorry. Are you going with the 29 because of space restrictions or your budget. I don't want anyone to think there is anything wrong with the 29 but locally on Craigs List I can find 55 gallon tanks all day for less then what you buy a new 29 g kit for. Usually $100 cash will get you a 55 gallon with everything and a nice wood stand. If its a space issue I have seen 29G that are ready to run for around $50.00
    I recently bought a 120G with oak stand and lights for $200.00.

    Just a thought. Either way enjoy

  3. Shadowbeam Member Member

    Congrats to you :) Hope everything goes well with your new tank and 'yey' for fishless cycling!
  4. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    im actually going for the 29 because i already have a stand (have a snake in a 20 long, so he's been moved to the bottom) and i dont think my parents would like anything larger. budget isnt really an issue (i think ive got just enough :) and if needed can work a little for my dad) and the whole kit is more a convenience thing. i have been looking at craigs list and online, but there isnt really anything matching what im looking for. i didnt want a tank of the internet either because of the shipping hassle. i also have heard all those horror stories about leaky tanks... i think if 55 gallons of water leaked out onto my bedroom floor, my fish keeping days would be over. i also read about somebody who bought a tank full of roaches.... yuck. i think the 29 is probobly the best size choice for me :) thanks for the suggestions though :)

  5. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    haha thanks shadowbeam :)
  6. Beth1965 Well Known Member Member

    I love that ur planning everything ahead of time.
    Best of luck and post a pic of the plants plans if you can.
  7. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    yeah beth i have learned.... i have a 10 gal that i DIDNT plan.... to many fish have died in that tank.... i dont want it to happen again. i'm also just really excited and i release it by excessive planning.... lol. im not even the "plan every detail" type of person. haha ill get my dad to help me figure out how to work the scanner...

  8. GouramiGirl1221 Well Known Member Member

    Typically what you want to see is about 10X filtration per gallon of water. So, ideally speaking, you'd want to have a filter that had 290 GPH flow for your 20 gallon aquarium. Since the filter that comes with your tank has 200 GPH, I would just advise to stay on the more conservative side with your stocking and watch your water quality as you add fish. Worst case scenerio if you feel that you need more filtration later on you can buy a smaller filter later on and run it along with your larger one.

    You might want to be careful mixing the female platys with the male molly...even though they're different breeds, the are both livebearers and will sometimes cross breed in aquariums.

    Best of luck with your new tank! Be sure to post pictures!

    EDIT: One more thing...I have ordered from liveaquaria before and they're wonderful! As long as you're prepared to pay the shipping, which is expensive no matter who you mail order from. That's actually where I got my black ghost knife from, and he's thriving and growing like crazy!
  9. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Congrats on the new tank find. It really sounds like a great deal. Excited till you get it set up and running ;D Please keep us updated. :;hf
  10. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    will BALLOON mollys crossbreed too? he would seem kinda impaired....

  11. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    i have a question about my filter.... so i have been told it is a little bit too light... i have a 90 gph filter...should i keep it around in case i need it? OR should i sell the filter new and buy a 330 of 350 gph?
  12. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    you could use both...
  13. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    i think i will :)

    can balloons and platys crossbreed?
  14. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    i attached the hand-drawn picture to the original post... sorry it is sideways.. :p
  15. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    alrighty! i'm very excited, because tomorrow im getting the tank! the sand is coming in to the pool supply store, and the a rock place has been located! things are finally falling into place, and i am the most excited person in the whole wide world!
  16. Shadowbeam Member Member

    Aww I'm so chuffed for you! I was exactly the same (and still am!) when I got my new tank this week. Woot for us!
    I love sand in a tank, I think it looks beautiful, but I'm too scared to clean it so I've gone with gravel hehe. Though atm It's just the gravel and ornaments set up, no water.
    Can't wait to hear how You get along with your tank!
    Do you have your Ammonia yet? Mine was a pain to find >>
  17. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    i do have my ammonia... i got lucky and my mom had some that was the right stuff over our washing machine!!! I picked the tank up on sunday, and currently have it filled with the sand in the bottom. i added 20 drops of ammonia... the reccomended 15 didnt respond, and the extra 5 hasnt made anything better... im going to wait to see if the dose kicks in a little later. im very excited, especially since i went to the LFS and saw their new angels.... SO CUTE! they are tiny.... about the size of a quarter, and they are blushing angels. big red spots on their cheeks, black and white bodies (with hints of gold!) and i dont think they could get any cuter! haha :eek:) i also have changed my aquascaping ideas a bit... im going with smoothe pond rocks instead of rougher straigher ones. they should be ready in a week or so. i got some silicone and my good test kits, and everything is running smoothly!!! yay :) i would post a pic, but my water it like white. i guess it will have to wait till tomorrow.