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Firstly, Im new to fishlore, so HI! .

Ive already got a fairly established 70L aquarium, but am thinking about setting up my second 120L. Just need some advice on my choices of inhabitants .

Im thinking of 1x male betta (CT or HM)
2x clown loaches
1x corydoras OR 1x king tiger pleco.

but need some additional advice on any other suitable tankmates? need something to swim in the top 2/3's of the tank as iv got 3 on the bottom 1/3 as it is.

any help really appreciated!!!
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Welcome to FishLore!!

I'm sorry but I think you should re-think your stocking.
Clown loaches get very large and shouldn't be in less than a 55 gallon, larger really if you want more than one. I'm pretty sure they're socialable.

Most bettas don't appreciate tank mates. Either they get aggressive or someone will pick at them. If you really want a betta, I'd suggest a 5 gallon tank by it's self.

So, that leaves you with the cory. lol I don't know enough about the pleco to comment.
Maybe think about a small school of cories, like 3 or 4 since they like company.
That would take care of the bottom.
Do you perhaps have any other fish in mind?

Heather M

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I agree with Lucy. Maybe try some guppies and platies instead of the betta. They'll add color to your tank without the aggression issues. A clown or bristlenose pleco would be fine, but I don't know enough about other pleco species to know how much space they need. instead of the pleco, you could get a small school of otto cats. They are voracious algae eaters! Good luck!

Otto cat link:


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Hi, welcome to fishlore!

A dwarf blue or honey gourami (or even 2 or 3 of these) might be nice centerpiece fish instead, but i do have my betta in my 55L with 4 cories and 6 white clouds with no problem (and it is a very peaceful, lovely tank). I've had 3 bettas in the past, each in a community tank with no issues, but i could have been just lucky.

Bettas in community tanks is a contentious issue and it seems people here have had mixed success with it (mine seems to be one of the lucky success stories). If you want to try a betta in with community have a backup tank ready in case he doesn't appreciate his friends. And if you do want to add other fish with betta, do it slowly and wait a while to gauge his response. Maybe try a snail with him first to get an idea of his compatibility with other tankmates. Also provide a lot of plants/cover to help (and it looks nice too ).

If you do go the betta option, after much trial and error with tankmates i've found cories & snails to be great, as are my white clouds as they are tough, swim all over the tank giving it a lot of activity and do not nip like the many tetra species i've tried.

With cories, they are usually happier and more active in a school (which looks better in the tank too). Alternatively at the bottom, maybe try a bristlenose pleco instead of a larger one as regular plecos can get huge and messy, increasing your bioload and reducing the number of other fish you want for schooling at the top.

For action in the top part of the tank, i recommend the white clouds (just keep the temp at ~24C / 74-75F as they apparently aren't keen on very high temps, but i have seen several examples of them happy at 26-27C, but i wouldn't keep them that high). They are very active not only at the top, but swim all over the tank and are pretty, and very hardy!

Alternatively, i have also heard positive stories with cherry barbs, neon tetras and harequin rasboras, but ive had neons get nippy in the past (and they hand around the middle to bottom also rather than the top). The usual argument is that larger schools of these will usually reduce the fin nipping problem and make them feel more comfortable with larger fish, especially if they have a lot of nice cover (silk or real plants are great for this if you have a betta as they wont rip fins). But you may have to see what works for you, and as always, on schooling behavior and preferred tank region of other fish.

Good luck!


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Welcome to Fish Lore Dwestwood!

I hope you enjoy the site.

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