55 Gallon Tank New tank, has sand now but should I add some pea gravel?


Setting up the tank again and the sand was for african cichlids. I'm not a massive fan of sand but understand that a lot of fish prefer it. Anyway, does it make any sense to have a small portion of the tank pea gravel instead of the sand? Or have the entire bottom sand and do small pockets of pea gravel sitting on top incase a fish wants to do something with it? Fish will be tetras and then a South American cichlid like green terror, jack dempsey, or such. Thanks.



I had a convict cichlid as a kid and he thought he was part geophagus. He loved digging all of the substrate out from his cave with his mouth and making a berm in front of it. I think your fish will mostly enjoy the sand more than the gravel, unless maybe they are going to lay eggs. Pockets of gravel can look pretty and add depth to the look of the tank, however, think of how you're going to vacuum the substrate and keep them looking good long term. I think it will be challenging to keep the sand out of the gravel area. My two cents and hoping someone with experience having both in the same tank will chime in.
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