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    Hi I'm new I was wondering does one inch per gallon rule work and i have a convict a green terrror and an oscar in a 10 gallon tank the convict is 3.5 inches the terror is 2.5 inchs and the oscar is 2 inchs how long could they stay in a 10 gallon tank and what tank size should i get
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    Welcome to FishLore! :;toast

    Looks like you have lots of work ahead of you ;). The inch per gallon rule is seriously flawed and most experienced aquarists do not refer to it at all. None of your fish will be able to live in your 10g. Oscars get over 13" long and very wide. An adult won't even be able to fit in a 10g. Green Terrors normally only grow to 8" but I have seen larger. Convicts stay around 6". All three of your fish are aggressive cichlids and aren't compatible in a smaller tank. To keep all three fish you'll need to upgrade to at least a 75g tank soon.

    Keeping fish in a tank smaller than they need will stunt them. This seriously affects their health and inevitably ends up with the fish dying prematurely. It's very bad for the fish and often traumatic for most fish owners when they find out what happened.

    I would like to strongly suggest you either upgrade to a large tank as fast as possible or rehome your fish if you cannot upgrade within the next month.
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    Ok because I wasn't even planning on getting an oscar but my mom got me one so yea... I could move them into a 30 g if it would help but I can't get bigger till my bday in april but thank you also I am have bin doing a project with the convict teaching it hand signals to spare its agression I can signal come and go have u ever tryed this?
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    A 30g would be great for just the convict but the Green Terror and Oscar would get stunted even in that. Convicts need a minimum tank of 20g.

    Actually yes, I have tried that. I used goldfish first but then I also tried it with Red Devils, Giant Gouramis, and Flowerhorns. Arowanas and Redtailed Catfish also learned some tricks but weren't all that great at it. Most fish can learn some commands but it is difficult and you have to practice it ALL the time. Unfortunately teaching fish things don't curve their aggression.
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    Oh ok one last question my green terror only uses his left fin to swim unless it is provoked is that normal? If he's hurt I want to help him.
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    ;D You can ask as many questions as you want! I'm more than happy to help you out.

    It's not uncommon for fish to favor one fin over the other. I assume you're talking about his pectoral fins, right? It could be that he was hurt a long time ago on his right fin so he just got used to using his left fin or your filter only blows in one direction so but using just one fin he is able to move him self around in the current to keep himself in one place.
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    Ok thanks :)
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    Cichlids prefer pellets IME. You want higher protein foods as well. Get a variety of different foods and mix them together and then feed. Don't feed bloodworms more than once a week.
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    I heard they like veggies would lettus sweet potato and broccoli work
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    Hm... yes but cichlids don't normally eat them. You can give them fresh lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, and peas. They seem to like peas best. Just be sure to shell them.
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    Ok thanks I'm learning so much!
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    No problem :). When you do add fresh veggies make sure to remove them after 12 hours if they aren't eaten completely. Fresh food spoils quickly and will pollute your tank.
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    I don't advocate the use of chemicals, especially with pH because it can royally screw up your tank. I would add some driftwood and/or use peatmoss. Normally you want to have a holding tank in which you have peatmoss and then you use that water for your waterchange. You can also add Indian Almond Leaves.

    Going half and half tap-RO water usually softens your water. You could try that. I do that with one of my tanks. I just fill up a five gallon jug of water at the local supermarket and use that with my waterchanges.
  16. TerraWell Known MemberMember

    Use romaine lettuce if you're feeding it, not iceberg. Iceberg lettuce has no nutrional value (for fish or humans).
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    Would love to see some pics of your fish, if you can...
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    I'd get the fish moved immediately, so many issues can be related to water quality and improper tank size that it's hard to really nail it down until you get the basics covered. If you can't upgrade tanks in the next month or two I would go ahead and make plans to rehome both the GT and Oscar because they will both quickly outgrow the 30g as well. The convict will be fine in a 30g.
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    Ill have a 75g tank soon
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    Why do you want to soften your water?

    Oscars grow extremely fast! Mine was smaller than yours when I got him. Just a little over 4 months later, he's this big.