New tank finished and stocked

  1. Bob Ellis

    Bob Ellis Valued Member Member

    TSS and the initial 3 glowlight tetras had no trouble reviving the media in the secondhand HOB filter. Now the tank is finished and stocked, actually on the second round of stocking since the black skirt tetras all went back.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407018909.655490.jpg

    I have a school of six glowlight tetras (had 3 paid for 2 more got an extra in with the others), a school of five neon tetras, and a school of five black neon tetras (replacing the nippy black skirts).

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1407019051.265412.jpg

    The glowlights and black neons already seem comfortable enough to show some spawning behavior.

    In case you all are wondering I let my kids help with decorations. My daughter, six, chose the castle and my son, four, picked the blue plant. The black and white rocks are thanks to the previous owner of the tank and filter and while not realistic in any way I quite like it. I did add 5 lbs of black to the 10 lbs black and white to darken it a little.

    Thanks to everyone here for the help!

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  2. hollie1505

    hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    It looks great and the fish look so healthy and bright!

    I love the tank! It reminds me of the castle that sleeping beauty slept in, in the magical forest... and that was all true so it definitely looks natural!
  3. Marie1

    Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Very nice :)
  4. Phishphin

    Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Love it! And love the tetras!